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Birthday musings of a mid-thirties guy

It’s been two days since my birthday and I am still smiling from ear to ear. Being tantalisingly close to mid thirties might not warrant that kind of excitement but when people come together to make you feel special in every little way they could, age becomes irrelevant and what counts for far more is the love and goodwill of people surrounding you.

I am approaching that awkward age when the likes, comments, and connection requests on Linkedin start competing fiercely with likes, comments, and friend requests on Facebook, and mentions, DMs, and followers on Twitter. Fun, well hopefully. I am at cross roads, where I need to make a transition from the old me to a newer me. To marry passion with caution and agression with responsibility. It isn’t a tightrope, but it is a new way of living.

In today’s day and age, our lives are split in three worlds. Our family, our friends, and our colleagues at our workplace with whom we spend a majority of our time in the week. I was blessed to get so much love from each of these worlds. Hundreds of messages from friends on Facebook (i hope I have said thank you to each one of you, and probably hit Like to your wish too), the pings and pokes from friends living worlds apart but still thinking of you, whatsapp groups named after you and the group icons turning to your DP, a surprise call from city’s favourite RJ in the middle of your work day and knowing that its your officemates who have chosen to surprise you, a daughter getting restless because papa hasn’t come home early enough from work on his birthday, a selfless spouse who has made it a mission to transform your house before you have reached home to treat you to a soulful meal, and then those special few who took time off to go the old fashioned way to call and wish; I feel had the best birthday I could, and it’s all thanks to you! No mid-night birthday bumps, but I will take it. No cake smeared face, but I will take it. Not quite a song and dance, but I will take it.

To be honest, I feel a bit differently about being wished on my birthday. For me it is a day of thanksgiving to one’s parents, a gift of life is the best gift one could have. It is their selfless love and toil that makes you understand that your life is not yours alone. I couldn’t thank you enough, mummy and papa! It is the love of our spouse and child(ren) that makes you realise the beauty of life isn’t just in celebrating, but more so in sharing, giving, and growing happier together. And then you have friends who add that magic and sparkle, they are the ones who add twinkle to the canvass of your life.

This is my day to thank you all for making my life what it is.I am happy with where I am and what I have. To tell you the truth, I won’t have it any other way. I may not always have been right, but hopefully I will have an opportunity to make things better. I haven’t seen the world, but I see the world in the eyes of my people.

In whatever little way I can, I hope and pray that I will have the strength, courage, and wisdom to give you all the same sense of joy, hope, and happiness that you wrap me with. Be with me, you are the force that drives me. Amen!



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