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Big Game review: Dumb yet somewhat fun and lovable

Director: Jalmari Helander

Writer: Jalmari Helander

Samuel L Jackson’s “Big Game” is silly but fun. Its loud, very explosive and though it never asks you to bite nails, it has a few moments of watchable cinema.

zocor 40 mg precio When terrorists shoot down Air Force One, the US President (Jackson) jettisons over deepest Finland. Here he teams up with a 13-year-old boy who is in forest to prove his tribe that he has covered the journey from being a man from a boy.

Pursued by fanatics, the Commander in Chief and his plucky guide must keep one step ahead of the bad guys while the brass at Langley attempt a rescue. It is during these times that some moments that Jackson and the kid talk and pass together are the highlight of an otherwise very badly done adventure cinema. Also some other scenes like the emergency aircraft ejection in the end are a few that make the film watchable.

Big Game isn’t trying to be big or clever. I think what the makers wanted to make was an adventure ride on the back of a kid saving the POTUS. Unfortunately the good plot was lost somewhere.

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