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Bhoomi: Sanjay Dutt Shines In A Half Baked Revenge Drama


go here   buy provigil amazon Director: Omung Kumar Actors: Sanjay Dutt, Aditi Rao Haydri

Rating: *** (3/5)

“Save the Water, Save the daughter”


When Bollywood decided that the bigger problem is not to save the water but the need of the hour is to protect our daughters, we get Bhoomi.

The new outing by award-winning director ‘Omung Kumar’, known for directing biopics like Mary Kom and Sarbhjit, brings us a tale of the revenge drama, woven around a father-daughter relationship. Bhoomi is Sanjay Dutt’s first outing post serving a 5-year term at Yervada Jail, and the actor proves why he’s immensely loved and admired in the industry.

He plays the character of brooding single father quiet convincingly.

The story starts with sequences, which shows the sweet bond between a middle-aged father Arun (Sanjay Dutt)and his grown-up daughter Bhoomi (Aditi Rao Haydari).She chides him for being alcoholic, he gives her head massages, teases her by the name of the boyfriend. Everyone’s happy, and soon there’s celebration coming, she’s marrying her longtime boyfriend (Sidhant Gupta) who’s a pitch-perfect guy. Till then the story is all warm, mellow, but…

…It takes a U-turn when Bhoomi gets kidnapped and raped, a day prior to her marriage. She feels it wrong to hide it from the groom and as a result of confrontation; the guy refuses to marry her (because Indian men do that).

Arun knocks at the door of police for help but nothing works for them (because heroes don’t help from Judiciary in Bollywood)and then her daughter is kidnapped again followed by revenge scenes bundled in a package of action, blood, and a lot of crying.


The movie is plagued with same paced first half and dragged second half narration. Courtroom scenes are unbelievable and boring and it’s 2017, we should move over audience digesting anything in the name of revenge.

What stands out and is the reason that makes the film worthy to watch is the scenes between Aditi Rao Haydri and Sanjay Dutt, which are largely refreshing. Also, they both complement each other in the scene. The actor almost makes the audience feel his emotions, which proves how fine the actor has turned with age. He’s perfect for the role. And some sequences like the marriage being called off after the rape confrontation is hard-hitting.

Even though the movie has flawed story and direction, the actor (Dutt) holds the audience and light up in every frame. Music is average and the Sunny Leone chartbuster ‘Trippy Trippy’, is greeted with hoots in the theatre.

Watch the film for Sanjay Dutt, because it’s been so long since Baba created his magic on the screen.

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