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Beyond Love, Lust and Lies…

She was standing in front of the mirror. And in the background her bed, with the rumpled sheets and the man in them, was quite visible. It brought back all the memories of the night that just passed by.
She enjoyed looking at herself nowadays. The curves and secrets of her body, which were still only known fully to her. How did she become like this, she thought? Just five years back, she used to blush terribly, just looking at her own body. But now she looks at herself like an artist looking at a subject of art. The men in her life just proved to her how beautiful she was.Driven by lust for her, they yielded to her all her demands and even seemed to enjoy her tantrums. She was not comfortable around women. Either they were jealous or competition. She felt safer in the company of men, who were more often than not, smitten by her.
She wasn’t always like this. Her past was a faded memory, more like some visions from a previous birth than a reality of this one.
Coming back to reality, she quickly took a shower and dressed up. Then she left a note for the man in the bed and slowly slipped out of the room as inconspicuously and naturally as possible. As she walked down the hotel lobby, no one gave her a second look. None of the hotel employees could make out that she was the same lady who came in yesterday night. Appearances are deceptive and so easy to change too!
‘Amma!! You are back’ Her daughter shouted with laughter as she saw her. Her husband looked relieved and happy to see her. ‘You must have had a very busy week, dear,’she said. He smiled and said ‘ I managed my darling daughter fine with your mother’s help. How was your business trip dear? Hope your raise is due soon.That would make all this effort worthwhile.Let me make you some coffee, while you freshen up.’ She watched her daughter leave for her school in their car.
She loved her husband truly. Since the day they got married, he had never been anything but loving and nice. But ,she had changed within and the change was irreversible. Nothing could make her feel guilt. She had long killed her conscience.That the bashful young bride who had first come to this city along with her husband would metamorphose into her was a a conclusion no one could have imagined. The events that took her along this path, though horrendous and sad, were of no consequence to her anymore. Nothing to lose, only to gain, she always thought. Her fate was such and there was no escape, so why not enjoy the game anyway. She believed her life or lives gave her the opportunity of exploring the unknown, devious and risky and also bring her the happiness of the known, accepted norms of society.The purest thing within her was the love for her family, which she kept separate from everything else.
She took the cup of coffee from her husband, put it on the table and hugged and kissed him passionately. ‘ I’ve missed you dear!’
About the same time, the man in the hotel room was reading the note left by her.
‘See you soon sweets! Have taken thousand bucks from your purse for taxi . Transfer rest of the amount to my account. Hope you enjoyed the past few days, I did…
Till next time,
Lots of luv

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