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#BetterDemocracy: Please #SupportPK and ban #BoycottPK

So I went to watch PK with sky-high expectations. By the time I had made my mind, almost everyone in the country was talking about it. Leave Twitter, both #SupportPK and #BoycottPK was trending even on the real social network #Facebook.

Some of the reasons for #boycottPK were as absurd as this. “Unless the filmmaker decides to also degrade #Islam, we will not let it run #BoycottPK”. Clearly, the guy writing this had decided to skip the film, yet talk about it. I am not surprised because I know this happens. People often do not watch a match and blame #Dhoni for the loss J. Welcome to India is my favourite line if a foreigner gets surprised seeing this.

But lets get back to PK and let me tell you that there are at least 8-10 reasons that the Director, Raju Hirani has given, for us to support the film, love it and get inspired. Let us also not compare this to Haider, starring, Shahid Kapoor. Haider to me as well was lingering on the anti-India sentiments and was trying to showcase the suffering of a sect over the other.

PK is different. It’s a take on religion, a blatant one at that. It’s a take on people who have mastered the art of brainstorming using fear psychosis via religion. Again, I would like to re-iterate that irrespective of anything, art has no right to harm anyone’s sentiments, anyone’s feelings and anyone’s God’s and PK does not do that. PK tries to talk the right and does that with a lot of conviction. Lets take a look at 7 reasons why we should all #SupportPK and bash the ones who are running #BoycottPK.

Reason 1: Rajkumar Hirani, possibly modern India’s most sensible yet successful filmmaker has attacked “managers” of all faiths so the Hindus (Mind you, I am a staunch one) who are feeling hurt have possibly either not seen the film or are wanting to be called ridiculous. Nowhere, read nowhere the film attacks either Hindus alone or for the matter the Gods of Hindus. Hirani has possibly left no stone unturned to make things clear.

Reason 2: So you don’t want to watch this? What else do you want to see? Glorification of GoddamnMen in the film #MessengerofGod or #MSG which stars Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. I am upset no one has released a #BoycottMSG till now. The film will make a mockery of our art sense and make money on the power of blind faith. You know my first feeling after watching the trailer. “I should Die because there couldn’t be worse time than this”.

Reason 3: The film attacks all and sundry business managers of religion. There couldn’t be more blatant attack on conversions by missionaries and a more bad one on Fatwas against #Womeneducation. So why are the Hindus burning up. One example below of how a perfectly shot comedy scene in the film is being blatantly blown out of nonsense proportions by a page that proudly calls itself Hindu human rights. How the hell did they get the right to be my religions custodian?


PK bashing by Hindu Group

Reason 4: Did you hear what the film said of Pakistan? It said that the country forces its women to wear burqas and read Namaaz. There couldn’t be a more subtle way of getting close to Sunny Deol’s Gadar but unfortunately we missed that, did we, the right winged ones.

Reason 5: I have to admit I loved Aamir Khan in the film. What a performance. It must be difficult for him to do such perfect roles day in and day out. Watch it and support it for him and not ask for a ban. His accent and his ability to eat the betel leaves with such finesse will make even the best #Paaneater feel down about his ability. You don’t get such wonderful performances regularly in the days of #HappyNewYear and #ActionJackson.

Reason 6: This reason is for the intelligent ones. The film does not attack God’s. I wrote above, it attacks Godmen’s, the ones who have made a business out of creating fear using religion. If you can understand that you do not need people to bring you close to God, this one is for you.

Reason 7: Lastly, what was the last film you went with your kids and did not feel shy or embarrassed watching half of it. I promise you, you will feel proud of yourself after making your kid watch #PK. He will come back satisfied and a winner, having learnt what to believe and what not to.


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