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#BetterDemocracy: মমতার ক্ষমতা – The power of Mamata

কতই রঙ্গ দেখি দুনিয়ায়

ভাই রে ও ভাই

কতই রঙ্গ দেখি দুনিয়ায়

আমি যে দিকেতে চাই, চেয়ে অবাক হয়ে যাই

আমি অর্থ কোনো খুঁজে নাহি পাইরে


ও ভাই রঙ্গ করে প্রফেসর যায় জেলে

কিন্তু দোষ নাহি ভাই ঘরে ঢোকালে ছেলে

রেপ করা ভাই ছোট্ট ঘটনা , মিথ্যা লোকে করে রটনা

আবার হাবিজাবি সারদা কেনে কোটি টাকা ঢেলে

কতই রঙ্গ দেখি দুনিয়ায়


ও ভাই নীল সাদা বাড়ির সামনে বস্তি

দেরী হওয়ায় মমতা’র ড্রাইভার খায় খিস্তি

ভোট আর ধর্ষণ একই মোটে , তাও দেব জিতে বিপূল ভোটে

শুনেছি মুকুলবাবু কারখানার প্রধান মিস্ত্রী

কতই রঙ্গ দেখি দুনিয়ায়

ও ভাই কলরব করে যাদবপুর খায় ডান্ডা

“পুলিশ দিয়ে পিটিয়ে সবকটাকে কর ঠান্ডা”

বর্ধমানের বোমাবাজী , ফুল বলে কমল পাজী

কিন্তু নীচের তলায় আছে ফুলের তিন রঙ্গা ঝান্ডা (তাতেই বুঝে নিন কে এদের পান্ডা)

কতই রঙ্গ দেখি দুনিয়ায়


This story (rather say collection of facts) is about a lady named Mamata Banerjee(naam to suna hi hoga) and her political party TMC.

Fact 1: A professor of Jadavpur University was thrown into jail for posting a cartoon on social media. Do hell with fun activities, do hell with democracy, do hell with sporting spirit. Do you remember the scene from Hiraak Rajar Deshe where the fearless singer was arrested for his song, current scenario of West Bengal often reminds me of that.

Fact 2: So this was not the end but the beginning, few days back another young man was arrested for commenting something abusive on social media. So if this makes sense, read this

This guy was arrested within 1.5 hour from the time when he commented
This guy did not get any lawyer and therefore he did not get bail though it was not a serious crime
Fact 3: Sarada (you must read about the chit fund scam) CMD Sudipto Sen bought a picture painted by Mamata for 1.8 crore, yes, you heard it right, one crore. Does not sound fishy? okay, read this, Sudipto Sen met Mukul Roy before escaping, read it here. So what could have been the agenda of this meeting and how come Mukul Roy did not report to Police about this?

Fact 4: Tapas Paul, another member of the political party said in public that he will send his boys to rape women of opposition and Mamata Banerjee claims it to be a small incident.

Fact 5: Dev (the top actor of Tollywood) says The voting excitement is equal to rape, you either scream or enjoy it, yet his ticket did not get cancelled.

Fact 6: On Oct 2 at approximately 12:00 noon a blast occurred in a two storeyed building in Burdwan. The irony of the story is the TMC had an office on the ground floor of the same building, how come they never came to know about the criminal activity?

There are many more incidents you want to read about, another important incident which you want to read about would be #Hokkolorob which happened under the umbrella of TMC, also do read about how TMC bade tata(goodbye) to Tata and the last chance of economic stability to West bengal.

We have a plain simple question and for gods sake, don’t give us a diplomatic answer. The question is ,

Do you think Mamata Banerjee is sane enough to remain as CM of West Bengal?



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