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10 Best Foods For Fasting In Navratra


One of the most significant and celebrated Hindu festivals in the world is next day delivery on Seroquel saturday Navratra. It is celebrated twice in a year to mark the triumph of ‘good over evil’, and from idol worshipping to holding fasts (for seven days), there are different customs and rituals followed during the festival.

Now, you don’t wish to feel lethargic during this joyous period as a result of fasting, so it’s important to pick right kind of foods. Ones that do not break the fasting rules and still keep you energetic.

Here’s a list of top 10 foods, fit for fasting during Navratras:


The sweet superfood is best to kick-start metabolism and make you feel athletic. It keeps the blood sugar level in check, and adding it in the food items is going to leave you full and satisfied.


Rich in carbohydrates and energy, Sabudana is a good source of protein and fiber. Prepare a sabudana khichdi or dhosa and it will leave your taste buds satisfied. A must have food for Navratra Vrat.


Don’t we all love potato? Bake them or boil them and you’re good to go. Potato dishes help to avoid hunger and they leave us feeling energetic.



A lip-smacking delicacy during Navratra is Apple Kheer. With the goodness of apple and the sweetness of kheer, it serves a perfect dessert when fasting during Navratra.


Dry fruits are must to provide essential nutrients to the body while fasting. A plate of almonds and nuts might work wonders in keeping fit and filled when fasting.


A healthy supplement that you could use while fasting is Coconut water. They are a rich source of potassium, magnesium, and calcium and is good to keep the body hydrated.


Senda namak or as its popularly called ‘rocksalt’ can be used in food items during Navratra. They are known to spice up the dishes (and our mood).



A good source of protein which tastes delicious when mixed with fruits, yogurt is filled with essential vitamins that help to keep the body fit when fasting.


Dates are the secret of everyone’s energy. These are a rich source of iron and they help to keep blood pressure in check.


Contrary to the popular belief, Kuchu Ka Atta or Buckwheat atta can be used for fasting in Navratra. Cook delicious dhosa or puri or paranthas with Kuchu Ka Atta and bring respite to your taste buds.



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