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Being Mom

19th March, 2008-Riddhima, my niece was born. Six months later my sister joined her work back after a sabbatical and for the first time Riddhima was left to me and I had to take care of her all by my own. I still remember holding her in my arms, tightly cuddled on to me when she smiled looking at me and muffled something in her adorable voice that sounded very much similar to ‘ma’! For the first time in my life motherhood touched me!

12th March, 2010-Ishaan, my nephew was born. A month later I held him with my arms around him. As I was fondling him, he squeezed my finger with his tiny little hand and greeted me with the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen. Motherhood had touched me again!

Motherhood is something a woman is born with and I believe that a woman does not need the insignia of marriage or the surname of her husband or necessarily give birth to a child to be a mother. I have done none of these yet I can proudly call myself a mom because I feel a child is born not from the womb but from the heart. Motherhood is all about loving, caring and nurturing a life that enters this world and making it feel secure, loved and cherished. When a child receives the warmth of her mother after birth she is oblivious to the fact that she was born out of this woman. She is simply craving for love and anyone who can quench this yearning can be a mother.

When Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen coveted the adoption of Renee, hundreds of interrogations were upturned and a thousand eyebrows were raised. Her being a celebrity and a single mother were deliberated upon for a long time before the courts allowed her to adopt a child. Even before the adoption of her second child, Alisah, a few adoption issues did become a hindrance to her becoming a mother for a second time. Apart from the question of a child’s wellbeing, I totally fail to understand how a woman’s marital status qualifies to be a subject of concern when it comes to motherhood. Recently, a friend of mine suggested me to get married if I longed for a baby. I pondered upon the suggestion and asked myself whether marriage serves the purpose of a certificate to become a mother. The only thing that can endorse motherhood is the divine feeling of falling in love with a life, the feeling to nourish it copiously with affection unconditionally and giving it a flourishing future.

Motherhood is not just about nine month long pregnancy, labor pains and child birth. It is also about the post birth process of bringing up the child and giving her a life worth living. If it wouldn’t have been true then perhaps the celestial Yashoda would never be hailed as Lord Krishna’s mother. Biological, surrogate or adopted, a mom is always a mom. Motherhood is a synonym for devotion. The selfless devotion for a child is born out of innocence and not from the bonds of blood. Being unmarried or not having experienced the labor pains, make a woman no less of a mother. The essence of a woman is motherhood and she is self-sufficient to bring up a child. Being a mom is a wonderful experience that a woman can have anytime and anywhere in her life and all by her own!

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