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Beginning of the Grind and the Festive Season Combined


Brainstorming while experimenting different cocktails and dreams (yes, I still love Tom Cruise) at various venues was what our new family did for the next 3 months. We had a new excuse to go OUWT even more now – it was all to figure out exactly what kind of product we wanted to create.

With a fair share of procrastination and some pretty fun ideas, we saw ourselves getting serious about new work quite naturally. (or so we thought !)

Balancing our day jobs and drinking almost every night for work did become a bit of task after a bit . Here is where I should let on that we are not in our early twenties anymore (eeeks)

It was a great few months of our brain experimentation – though we decided to wrap up this method of starting our new company.

Flakiness and random thoughts is what continued our journey till the second quarter of 2015 – after which the coding of our app and talks about getting investors on board came up . Deciding when to start our notice periods at our respective day jobs kicked in the actual seriousness that we needed after our 6 month period of fun and frolic!

Our meetings started getting more focused and more things were written down. Our wats app group slowly but surely had more messages about work and less about party plans and funny pictures.

We went through a varied number of names before we landed up on our super awesome one “OUWT.”

Our company though is still known as YagerBomb Pvt Media Ltd (that was the first name we thought of for the app). It was when we were drinking everyday , strongly believing we are still 20. 😀

In the next couple of posts, OUWT gets cracking in a professional way and our true start up journey begins with all its ups and downs, late nights, alcohol replaced by red bull and green tea, emails threads that were actually paid attention too, practically living with each other and some super life experiences that are still going on.

I am so excited to share all of this with you guys – hope it inspires you, creates hope and helps manifest dreams as big as ours!

Till then, #downloadOUWT and #stepOUWT today and start with the daydreaming. xoxo

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