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A year long journey of good food and Borosil.

Now hands up from all who have and adore their borosil vessels… I am sure there are thousands of hands up now. It’s not a company that was born yesterday. We all have thoroughly loved using their beakers in the chemistry labs, and its cookware’s in our kitchen labs! Today, as the last part of this participation in #BeautifulFood contest with and, I present to you a journey of my sprouting love with the ever glamourous borosil. Every picture below is close to my heart, clicked in vessels that I possess through half a decade long collection time.

Now, the cover pic is a food bloggers way to being patriotic. The classic creamy Spinach Risotto (or our very own  haldol 75mg xr Palak Khichdi) with a layer of homemade thick Greek Yogurt (or our very own Dahi) finished with a crunchy treat of Okra Fritters (or our very own  orlistat overnight without prescription Bhindi Kurkure!) People it is our very desi  go to site Swatantra Divas(Independence Day), and in its spirit, celebration demands a pretty Borosil presentation!



You tell me, have you ever thought of serving the delicious  Punjabi Chole (Chikpea Curry) in anything other than Borosil Serving Dishes. This Majestic dish requires a royal vessel. Here I used a mixing bowl to accommodate all the Chole required for a treat of 6 guests! Perfect!!!

consistency it should be in when going in the microwave

Now this Recipe and dish is very close to my heart. Made and served in Borosil Microwavable dish that I possess since 5 years now, this picture and recipe of mine was taken up by a news paper and published in an Ebook too. A True Bong Food lover can never deny a good piece of soft supple Ilish/Hilsa, can you? Recipe


Now to end on a sweet note, a late night craving for sweet dish can never be answered any more healthily than a pretty bowl of Baked Apples. I for one, love the smart lid dishes to make this dish, and the left overs could be air locked and refrigerated for the brunch as well. Recipe


And to add a bit of naughtiness to my super yummy post, a chilled cocktail pop, perfect way to end a hearty meal or start one. As it can get damn messy to sip, suck and relish, I recommend these beautiful Cocktail Vision Glasses,clean and short to let you enjoy these pops the best! Recipe

My earlier story, that won me a beautiful parcel of goodies from can be read here. Hope you enjoy both of these entries. Cheers!!

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