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Battered Angels of India

Human society has been a stage where violence and atrocities against women have been witnessed yet overlooked. Every decade documents occurrences of heinous crimes against women that pull the masses out of their slumber. However, these incidents do nothing more than draw the people out on the streets for a day or two. Protests are held, people shout to deaf ears of the judicial system and finally retreat into their own homes leaving the souls of victims wrenching in pain.

Two such atrocities are rampant in these societies and are clearly interconnected: female selective infanticide and rape. Rape is an extreme expression of a continuum of male sexuality. Researches indicate that males pursue sexual partners more rigorously and indiscriminately than females. This leads man to seduce. However, in uncontrolled settings where immediate gratification and desperation are the governing thoughts and if males involved are low in empathy and self-control, it can lead to harassment and rape.

Culture plays a significant role in exacerbating such crimes. Societies that practice and encourage female selective infanticide are marked by large number of unattached men, marginalized and depraved, who wait for easy sexual preys. These cultures, on the other hand are, invariably male dominated and to some extent engulfed in the obsolete thought patterns and ideas from the past. A huge divide exists between the two sexes and each battle for supremacy and dominance. The end result is often in favor of the male entity.

‘Representation’ can play a key role here. Women should be given just and respectable representation in societies. For this the popular culture needs to be changed dramatically and benefits of education should reach the grassroots. Education will not only ensure prevalence of liberalized thought processes made operational in our society but will also strive to foster independence of women by making them self-sufficient. However, education needs to be accompanied by empathy and a moral sense. Education without moral sense will result in such ironical situations where girls feel unsafe even within college campuses. This speaks a lot about the youth of India.

Why do girls keep their heads down when they walk through a lane towards the end of which some guys are standing? What does it say about the trust that one sex of our country has in the other? They look down because the environment around them is manifest with elements that make them uncomfortable and make them regret being a woman. We need to change this and it is possible only when each individual treats the other with respect and a sense of compassion. You are educated! Then don’t pass a lewd comment that will make her cringe. Remember that you are educated, so don’t stare at her and make her feel as a pleasure object. You are educated so stop yourself from being a part of the group that treats women disrespectfully. Don’t judge her by her clothes because, for god’s sake, you are ‘EDUCATED’!

To all the lovely women out there, it is not all their fault. Didn’t you wish for a son and didn’t you disregard a daughter’s importance in your life? Didn’t you ask your daughters to sacrifice for their brothers? Didn’t you take insults from your partners only because you don’t earn or maybe because you don’t respect your own selves? You want the world to change when you still reside within the premises of a world in which you are but the second sex. Let us change ourselves first and then expect others to change their attitude towards us.

The women of India have long lived in captivity, subjugation and suffocation. It is time for all of us join hands and help these battered angels to heal and soar high.






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