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Batman Vs Superman movie review


In a word, I was disappointed, I had been waiting for this for over a year, in the meantime I watched Batman: The dark night rises part II (Animated Batman Vs Superman movie) 3-4 times and I just loved it. So my expectations were pretty high when I went to watch Batman Vs Superman.

First of all, unlike the animated movie, this movie is not Batman Vs Superman at all, if they would have named it as Justice League: Inception then it would have made more sense.  Though they named it Dawn of Justice but I think a lot of people will fail to link it with Justice league.  So the name itself conveys a wrong message.

The movie looked really funny when the director tried to connect Batman and Superman by their mother’s name, i.e. Martha. That scene looked more like from a 80’s bollywood movie.

70% of the movie is full with serious faces of people with music that tells you something is about to happen but nothing happens.  A lot of people are also criticising Ben Affleck as Batman but I think he couldn’t have done better, he did what he could and if the movie fails to collect good money, Ben would be the last person to blame for.

Still I think the movie is worth watching once. I would rate it as 3 out of 5.

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