Writer in Advertising, Traveller and Observer outside it. Swear by the idea of “Think global, write local”. Love photography, and hope to shoot in the Antarctic some day. Also would love to have little nests in Paris, San Fran, Turks & Caicos, Goa, and Himachal.
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The Writer

click here You know what’s the best thing about being a writer? We live different lives every single moment. We watch things much more keenly. What to the world is pointless and inciting, for its inviting. We don’t speak much, but let our pens do the talking. We don’t gossip much, but ensure our work gets people talking. We don’t hate people, cultures or caste. Instead, we embrace them, learn from them, and capture them in our

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Dear Deepika, keep your hypocrisy to yourself: An Open Letter

Vogue, India’s leading ‘fashion’ magazine and the maker of the ‘Let’s start with the Boys’ video, is back with another of its videos, titled, ‘My choice’. And this time, we have Bollywood’s leading lady taking the centre stage to speak for the women of our country. One would think it to be a moving, riveting, stark, dark, and a goosebump-inducing narrative. The first glimpse of the logo, with the bindi in there is quite reminiscent

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Hello?? Hello?? Hello?? Awaaz aa rahi hai..? #BetterDemocracy

Democracy. Isn’t that WHAT OUR COUNTRY IS? Defined by Oxford as “a Government that has been chosen by the citizens of that country”, is this what 1.2 Billion Indians have really been choosing for 65+ odd years? A nation where 1% of the total population controls 92% of the total wealth. A system where the big industrialists decide the economy curve, and not the Finance Ministry. Elections where people choose to vote for a party

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A letter to the Rapist

Dear rapist, This is the women of India here. We had a very humble request for you.   You might be scorning or even scoffing at us, after hearing this. But please give some thought to our request.   It’s a day when we all go out and celebrate, probably till late into the night. Our clothes could be a bit shorter than the usual days, since we are celebrating freedom, modern thinking and all

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Gandhi’s Assassination – The Untold Truth

Gandhi’s Death has been a case of speculation , as the killing of a “helpless” old man, who was a symbol, of peace and love and his benevolent nature earned him the title of the “Father of our Nation”. On the other hand his assassin, Nathuram Ram Godse, has been targeted by people from all walks of the world , for being a Treacherous, Heartless & a Ruthless murderer. He has even been proclaimed as

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Monotony – Known to all, Screws a few!

Monotony. I am sure that this word itself would result in a long yawn from you. Well, ya, do it, and then continue reading. Done? Ok.. lets continue.. Monotony can make anyone go insane, like i am right now, typing at incredibly high speeeeeds, with frequent spelling mistakes, and backspacing it to correct it again. Oh freak, that is some irritation !!!! But you cannot ignore the fact that it is an intricate part of

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Joseph’s plea for Euthanasia

“My name is Joseph…   4 years ago, an accident saw me go into a vegetative state, with no hope of recovery. The doctors said they are trying their best, but some things do not simply become alright.   With every rising sun, the knots in my stomach start to ache like someone was pulling them out. The lumps on my throat keep growing, leaving me breathless with every passing moment. I see my wife

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Whale Killing in Japan

I am sorry Mom. Sorry that I could not save you from your killers. Sorry for the slow painful death you had to succumb to. Sorry for running away, when they attacked you. Before you feel sorry, let me tell you that I am not one of you. I am the son of a mother, you had for dinner. You destroyed my family. Left me an orphan – for your meat and oil, it was

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