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Media harming ‘India Idea’ with Good Intentions ?? Media harming ‘India Idea’ with Good Intentions ?? We honestly believe in Alamma Iqbal that Mazhab nehin shikhata aapas mein bair rakhna ! Then why must we abdicate our lofty religious ideals to the rantings of the lunatic fringe on either side ? I havent authorised any such person to speak for my religion ! So must be the case with friends from other religions ! Why then the over zealous media is flogging such

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Is Print Media Eco-friendly? Well almost (Sarcasm)

Who says Print Media are not sensitive to the cause of environment protection? At least I can vouch for their Indian avtaars being no-carbon-foot-printers! Well almost. A very small number of our newspapers reveal their actual circulation. This saves a lot of trees. Some big newspapers use imported recycled newsprints, which are decarboned in India, and the waste is washed out to our waterways or drains. Most Big papers import fresh newsprint from Canada, Russia,

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Global Wellness Day

Eat well, walk more, Stress less, love more. India is a young nation. 65% of us are below 40. Elders numbers are up too. The varishtha-kanistha combo has got to be the basis of our socio-economic policies in all spheres. Equip our youth with the best, shouldn’t mean, they burn out from the nursery schools itself and also force our Sarvashresthas to die in their prime. Think all of you on this planet. Wealth, power

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Expanding Gravitas of Modi’s India Story!

PM Modi has done it again and again in the last 12 months. With a great vision and great oratory, he enthralls audiences across the globe (as he did across India to get BJP a landslide victory in Lok Sabha Polls). And the net take aways from all these have been fantastic for India. In a globalized world, the projection of a positive India story with gravitas has started paying good dividends. In SAARC region

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India Gate by night. New Delhi, India
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The India Gate by night in Delhi

A popular landmark of India, India Gate is possibly not known by many is the memorial for the martyrs in the Indo-Afghan war during the British Raj. The memorial for the unknown Indian soldier martyrs of the Bangladesh war was added on Republic Day of January 1972. The red sandstone canopy just behind the India Gate still remains empty waiting for the Father of the Nation, thanks to the bitter bitchings among our political leaders of

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The battle is won, the war far from over: #NetNeutrality

So the first battle for Net neutrality in India has been won due to netizens’ strong pressure aided by media. People in large numbers had started deleting the Flipkart App from smartphones. That made the e-commerce giant panicky! In fact Airtel and Fllipkart were ill advised to go for the zero rating game, on our face, with a such arrogance! And they were humbled very rightfully. But MNC giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp

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GM Seeds in India: The Hostage Crisis Must End

The science and technology of GM foods is a miracle of the modern era! Many leading economies of the world are reaping a harvest of benefits for their masses through this frontline genetics in agricultural sector. We in India are however still held hostage to Luddite agitators that had led to blanket bans on scientific field trials in GM plants. Yes, the vested interests of pesticides and agrochemical MNC giants have been funding and fomenting

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Our Polluted Motherland! Government ko sanmati de Bhagwan!

Now the official National Air Quality Index has been launched for 10 cities of India. It’s really scary! Earlier we merrily presumed the US Embassy Data on air pollution to be a neo-colonial satire! We in Dwarka sub-city of Delhi top the AQI in the Capital city! We inhale 5 times worse the normal air! Our Right to life has been very seriously compromised! We don’t see any active steps from the Delhi Government or

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Why Chetan Bhagat’s advice to AAP is completely misplaced

The birthing and teething of AAP has been happening in the public domain unlike ever before in India! The GOP i.e. INC of course happened in a somewhat similar fashion during an authoritarian colonial regime but with a devoted and consensual nursery of stakeholder publics! But people connect of course is now gone for INC. Aam Aadmi Party is still bravely experimenting in crowd sourcing of governance strategies. The recent PAC turbidity is a vibrant

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Decline of Ideology in Lok Sabha Polls!

The iconic Indian General Elections are here! We are about to exercise our franchise to elect the 16th Lok Sabha and a new government at the Centre! As usual, the run up to the polls has been noisy with accusations, attacks on rivals and posturing’s by Parties and leaders both to woo the voters and heap blames on the opponents! All Media platforms are heated to the maximum with the cacophony of electoral coverages, despite

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