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Gossamer conversation with her heart

She asked, “How will I know its love?” Her heart said, “When he holds you without saying a word and kisses you on your forehead, while you awash him with your tears. Then know its love” She asked, “Will it happen?” Her heart said, “Only if you believe”   She asked, “What makes me happy?” Her heart said, “The answer lies in me” She said, “I know what completes me. Holding my father’s hand to

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Only If She Had Known

He saw her looking at him from a distance, She looked down embarrassed He kept looking at her, looking at him She continued waking up with his thoughts. Only if she had known.   They started talking, He messaged her, she never wanted it to stop He said he’s in love with her, she was insecure and said no She cried all night, cursing herself, he said he’ll wait. Only if she had known.  

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