"Let this world be filled with brilliancies, Let it become my little world of fancies…" Creative. ambitious. and critical. These 3 words are enough to describe me (at the most basic level ,though.) I'm merely 14 and my fields of interest are history, poetry, art, music, travel, food, peace keeping and Bollywood in no particular order. I have opinions of my own about everything. really. EVERYTHING. And am Here to share them with this amazing world. your feedback, reviews and suggestions are all welcome ( at: suryansh1311@gmail.com )
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Brutality of Time

Time never halts, it never slows down nor does it ever move faster. Technically, time is the oldest thing in this universe and evidently the most consistent too. If it’s not that time is bad but situations are. Yet the world could not have been destined to witness wars, it would have never meant to face its own degradation, wasn’t supposed to have seen what poverty does to millions, it simply had not deserved to

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Plagued by Poverty

PLAGUED BY POVERTY “Poverty is not an accident like slavery and apartheid; it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings…” -Nelson Mandela A fatal disease has broken out, Let me tell you what it’s all about… The people affected by this, Clothes, food and shelter if they had, I wish! This epidemic is not newly discovered, but ageing, It does nothing other than inhibiting a country from prospering. To treat

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