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Dhoni- Dhoni: The monk who does not have to sell his Ferrari

go to site  I thought of several titles to describe Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Zen master, Fire fighter, Tight rope walker, Deadly Finisher, Captain Cool. But I realized the most defining quality of Dhoni is his ability to be still and calm in the midst of chaos and imminent risk and high-pressure situations. It is far easier to remain at peace in a forest meditating alone, than to drive a Ferrari in full speed with a knife waiting to

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Every day is New Year’s Day, Every Night is Xmas Night

Mr. Floyd Bottomsup was teaching a history lesson describing the accomplishments and adventures of Alexander the Great and his beloved horse Bucephalus to a class of 6th graders. Bottomsup finishes the class stressing that if one has a dream and pursues it singlemindedly, each of the kids could achieve even greater things than Alexander and rewrite history. Next day, the teacher asked the kids if they had some questions about the previous lesson. One kid

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ALL is FAIR in LUST and WAR: Random musings of a GoT FAN

cheapest cialis generic If I had to challenge myself and try to sum up the complex world represented by Game of Thrones (GoT): People driven by their deepest desires take actions, which lead to their ultimate glory or ruin. In his own words, author George R.R Martin (GRRM) the mantra that drives his writings is the “STRUGGLE of the HUMAN HEART in CONFLICT WITH ITSELF”. What people do or fail to do to win this struggle, leads to

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Women, their superpowers and gifts to the world

First superpower: Motherhood. This puts women in a higher pedestal than men hand hands down. Let us look at a simple situation. I have flu, a foreign organism is trying to invade my system and my body fights back. My body suffers, I feel weak but the symptoms and time period of my illness is short. Now when I entered my mothers womb, I started growing, thriving and sapping her of her energy and nutrients. Of course

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Captain Jack Sparrow

What comes to your mind when you think of Jack Sparrow? suave, adventurous, reckless genius, master manipulator, pompous, narcissistic, eloquent, a phoenix and an outlaw in every imaginable way. Like every story worth telling, Jack’s story is a love story. But this love is not for a woman or gold or power. In his own words, the unbounded sea is his first love and his beloved ship the Black Pearl his second love. However, both

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A new dialogue on women rights and safety in India

The past weeks have seen quite an outcry and disgust at the opinions of the accused and defense lawyers involved in the Nirbhaya rape case made popular in the documentary “India’s Daughter” and rightly so. The suffering of the girl and their parents shook many a heart. While the portrayal in the documentary may seem to include only those elements that sensationalize the events, it was close representation of the grim reality that Indian women

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50 Shades of Silence

Basic shades: Must know for all Silence is the mirth and playfulness, when long-lost friends meet. Silence is the consummation of the highest lust for life Silence is the comfort and protection under a mother’s glance Silence is the intuitive wisdom and guidance of a father Silence is the unfailing and unwavering support of a bro Silence is the untainted and unutterable joy of a five year old playing in a park. Silence is only truly

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Why the RMS Titanic sank?

Human hubris and ego. There is nothing else that needs to be said on this. Why is a full article devoted to discuss this further? The aim is to relate the sinking of the Titanic and how it parallels the sinking of many a relationSHIP whether it be with our friends, colleagues or with our loved ones. The days before the said event, ice warnings were relayed to the ship operators by radio. The ship,

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#BetterDemocracy: Values In A Democracy

One of the few things I remember from my social studies from school is that democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. This clearly signifies that the most important force in the democracy is the people. If a country is prosperous and harmonius,  it is because of the people, if it falls into decadence, it is also due to them. But what is the first response of most Indian

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How to become a genius at work?

When you see a world class dancer or musician performing, a world class sportswoman producing a stunning shot at the last minute of the game? What do you think is common in these situations? Yes, they manifest genius in their work. Yes, what they produce seems incredulous or even miraculous to us. Yet, all they do is to bring their total awareness to their work in that moment. They just bring a meditative quality to their work.

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