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Playing it my way – Review: The book could had been much more Yes the review is very late, but that is mostly because I didn’t actually read the book. I heard the audiobook, which was released recently. Now Sachin Tendulkar has probably been the best batsman to have ever played the game. It had been my utmost pleasure to follow his game very closely, and more or less his public life had been an open book by virtue of being on the field of cricket or in

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Don’t Take All The Time You Need.

So recently my brother hosted a dinner party while watching football for his friends and me. He likes to cook and is normally very good at it. He is somebody who takes a lot of pains while cooking; making sure that everything is just perfect. Even that day, the food was brilliantly cooked, and was a delight. There was one problem though. By the time food arrived we were exhausted having appetizers. We hardly had

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Thank You Luis Suarez

cheaper alternative to clindamycin Luis Suarez moves on from Liverpool Football Club to Barcelona. During the three years he spent at LFC, he was by far the most entertaining man to play in that Red shirt. During the last two years he was possibly the most entertaining and exciting player in the whole Premier League making him one of the best players in the world. There are only two players on the planet that could say they were better

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Understanding The Aam Aadmi Party

Ok. So first of all let me clarify that this is not a piece where I want to give answers, but one where I want to ask questions. I don’t understand politics very much, but the current Lok Sabha Elections are very interesting. And it goes without saying that they are going to have a large effect on the country on a whole. From what I understand, Arvind Kejriwal and his party have done very

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Audio Books – A New Concept

I had refrained from writing about Audio books and Reado here as I did not want to use this channel to promote my financial gains. However, having thought about it, MSK is a medium where people come to share knowledge, and given that not many people are aware of the concept of audio books, I thought I should do my bit. And some financial gain will not hurt either. So story telling has always been

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Aam Aadmi Party And its Gimmicks

Arvind Kejriwal became the chief minister of Delhi, ending the reign of Congress after 15 years. It was a welcome change in Indian politics when a new party, seemingly with great intentions, and a great marketing campaign and defeated Goliath. However, a few days into his I am fed up with his antics and gimmicks, which seem to be never ending. The following points are the ones that have been troubling me the most. 1. 

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One Of The Biggest Challenges Of A Start-Up

As an entrepreneur, the biggest challenge that one faces, or is going to face is managing cash flow for his/her company. The true test of an entrepreneur comes when his company runs out of fuel. The true test of an entrepreneur is if he can manage to make pay roll on time, pay his vendors on time and still have some in the bank for future growth. This is something that I have seen very

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SACH Is Life…

I do not have a memory of the first time I saw Sachin play. I don’t have one single moment, which defines my crazy adoration for the man who has made us all believe. The man who made us believe that even though we came from a third world nation, we could fight the odds. That one man could stand against many and stare them down. That one man could inspire a whole nation. It

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The Epic Fall of the Legend: Roger Federer

It is one of the saddest things in sport to watch some of the greatest players/teams fall of their pedestal. It happened to Liverpool FC through the late 90s and early 2000s. It has happened to the Australian Cricket team recently. It happened to Michael Schumacher on his return and it is happening to the greatest tennis players of all time – Roger Federer. An icon of the Open Era of Tennis, Roger Federer. The

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