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A unique moment to say good-bye and welcome

Dual happiness has given a knock at the door of the world. I am getting married to history and the century is about to deliver its new baby. By now you must have understood who I am and who the new baby is. I am the bride ‘2014’ and the baby is ‘2015’. This is the most beautiful moment. I will take leave in the palanquin of the past and the new baby will arrive

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Lets make the world a better place

At the time of creation of this world, a lot of beautiful ideas might have occupied the mind of God, which he had transformed, into this world. He had adorned the world with innumerable wonders. Think about flight in birds, colors in butterflies, speed of wind, and fragrance of flowers, height of mountains, depth of seas and thousands of such things. Surely, they make us wonder about the creativity of God. However, for God, man

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Daughters are precious

The most precious jewel that you can wear round your neck is the arms of your child. Children are the splendor of a family. The festivity of every occasion remains incomplete without them. Most of the things are brought in the house in the name of children. No joy is greater than that of having children and no grief is deeper than that of losing them. It is great irony that some people change the

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Old age must be revered, not severed

When someone dies young, people lament, ’it was not his age to go away. He should have lived longer’. Therefore, it’s an irony that those who live for long often become subjects of negligence and disrespect even in the eyes of their families. Is age their fault? All of us want age rather than untimely death and old age is a privilege denied to many. If you are counted as grey population, it means that

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The Agonies of a Road

Hard and rough in nature that gets its existence through stones, whose destiny is to always remain under the feet of its dear ones and whose duty is to lead those multitudinous tramplers to their destination. Yes, I am referring to the Road. Surprised? I am an inseparable part of your lives and you are the people who have populated my world with your hubbub. I stand by you in your joys and sorrows.  I

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Do teachers deserve derision?

On hearing about the profession of Maria, her so called highly qualified friends remarked, ‘o job of relaxation, ‘no hard work’. These remarks pinched her. Misha, a teacher in a private school felt hurt when her sister, an architect rebuked her saying, ‘get into something better, why teaching?’ This is not about one Maria or one Misha. In fact, there are many more that are made to feel inferior. Every one of us had teachers

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