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Is OROP another political jumla by Modi?

can i buy prednisone in mexico We have to understand this issue from the emotive point of view, only then we would be able to understand the pain of a soldier. First – No other election in Indian history was fought on the OROP promise, ever. Narendra Modi, one of the greatest orators of India ever born, asked the then government to publish a white paper on the OROP – Modi: “We have been hearing about one rank, one pension since

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How far is the arrest of AAP MLA Commando Surinder Singh justified?

In order to understand the gravity of the situation, we need to first know who Surinder Singh is. He is not just another MLA, he is Commando Surinder Singh. Surinder Singh joined Indian Army in the infantory regiment and has fought not only the Kargil War, but also has been a part of the Operation Parakram, Operation Sadbhavna and Operation Black Thunder and was part of the UN mission in Congo (Operation North Night). He

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Hollywood Review: Tomorrow Land: Its simple yet amazing

Director: Brad Bird Cast: George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Raffie Cassidy, Britt Robertson, Tim McGraw One of the most well-intentioned and still very relevant movies I’ve had a chance to watch lately. The movie starts as any other teenage/kid movie, showing gadgets, gizmos, fantasy but the movie matures as it progresses. A movie which first makes you comfortable, gets well acquainted with the characters, enjoy the fantasy and ends with a punch which leaves you thinking

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Accept it – Khan fucked up big time. He had to be punished.

It was unreal to know that hearts of few people around me broke after knowing about the sentence to Salman Khan. Initially I thought of leaving it at that, but now I feel it’s important to understand why a “punishment” is required. He was sentenced for drunk driving and culpable homicide, not amounting to murder. Fans need to understand that the sentence is *not* for any murder. Had that been the case, the imprisonment would’ve

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The Return of the Commoners, The return of AAP

Today, exactly 1 year after he resigned because he could not get the Delhi Janlokpal Bill tabled in the Delhi assembly, Arvind Kejriwal would take oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi.  When he resigned, I knew that few would accept the reasons he said, and AAP would be facing tough times ahead. It turned out that I was right and the next one-year was torturous and testing for both Arvind Kejriwals and AAPians. Very

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Vote for a better India tomorrow

BJP first wanted to fight under the brand of Modi, then got the brand Kiran Bedi, then gagged her, and now Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh and Vankaiah Naidu are saying the election result won’t be a referendum on Modi. Plus the manifesto prepared by Dr. Harsh was shelved. Delhi BJP workers refused to campaign and Central BJP had to import workers from other states and take help from RSS (who helped half heartedly). Frustrated, the

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AAP – The only Economically Right Wing Party of India

Much has been discussed regarding the ideology, or lack of it of the newest party on the block – AAP. Although AAP has been maintaining all the time that it has no ideology, many have been forcing the brand of communist, Marxist, leftist and what not on it. The propaganda to put AAP in the same league has been quite successful. And then people are amused that why so many private company employees support AAP! These

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AWAM Funding Allegation
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Who I think is in the wrong in the AWAM charges against Aam Aadmi Party

As far as I know, the transactions took place in April 2014. Please correct me over here if I am wrong. Every company has to have a Current Bank Account, and should be registered. It is the responsibility of the bank to verify the company, and they usually do this on their own, and on the basis of the documents provided by the Government of India. The company is registered after the Government of India

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Which is the most Underrated and Dangerous profession in India?

To me sanitation or Manual Scavenging is the most ungratifying, underrated profession in India. They probably are also amongst the most dangerous professions in the world. 80% of these workers don’t retire at 60, they die before that. Not only do they ensure that the garbage doesn’t clog anywhere in the city, keeping it clean, they are also putting their life on line in duty. They are the soldiers of cleanliness and their mortality rate is

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