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Top 7 Indian Movies On College Life Friendship-Love-college: These are proven formulas to create buzz in Bollywood. Like a Chetan Bhagat story, three friends, one girl, clashes, ego, emotions, friendship and many more masala items are often put on reel to produce a box office success; this actually works! Why is college life so catchy? Several reasons are there. College life is something to be remembered forever. Friendship, unlimited fun, new ideas of life, coolness and relations are basic human desires and

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The Illogical India: A Date With Bihar

“One thing you must notice Pinaki, Biharis always have a logic, whatever they speak.” After a safe landing at Patna Airport, we preferred to take a train to reach Begusarai to attend my roommate’s wedding. My first ever trip to Bihar during April meant the sun biting me on all exposed body parts of mine. Due to the wedding season, there is no car available for rent and surprisingly Patna, a state capital city, doesn’t

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#BetterDemocracy: India On Its Way To Perfection

risperdal for bipolar disorder “Nana Bhasha Nana Mat/ Nana Paridhan/ Bibidher Majhe Dakho/ Milano Mahan.” (“We have diverse languages. We have pluralistic views. We have diverse attires but we offer unity in diversity.”) About a hundred years ago, D L Roy described India and we are still working on that unity. Today we are talking about Better Democracy and for 95% Indians, democracy means only the power to vote. Ask a chaiwala, what is democracy? Ask anyone. Ask Google.

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#ISeeHope With A Refreshed India

December 2012, eve of Christmas; generally this time, India plans for a long trip, vacation or the festive celebration. What happened this time? Media spoke about a massive protest at India Gate and people are joining the protesters! No matter, if the slowest judicial system raped the Nirbhaya Rape Case! Indian common man understood the power of many. 26th Nov 2012, A common man took all the media highlights on his face with a simplest symbol

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Indian Carpet Export: 2014 : The Land of Magic Carpets

Carpets through the Ages The presence of woolen carpets in India was recorded as early as 500 BC. References to woven mats and floor coverings can be found in ancient and medieval Indian literature. From the beginning, wool or silk have been the basic material for knotted carpets. The most famous of them all — pile carpets — came to India during the reign of Akbar in the 16th century. The craft grew and flourished

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Deadly Roads of Delhi

Honey Singh is safe with the blessings of his fans. A post on a micro-blogging site controlled the rumour. ”News of YoYo’s accident is fake and must be spread by some haters. Please don’t bother and keep blessing YoYo” The rumour of projected misfortune turned into a reality on a sad note. India lost one of his hopes in Parliament. Modi government lost one contributor of their historical victory. For Gopinath Munde, everything is more

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Kejriwal: A Party Is Not A Nation

This is not a rebuttal to I just wanted to make my views on the below mentioned article a bit stronger. The big question is, how important is Arvind Kejriwal is in the context of ‘India Now’ and how much time we will spend talking about Aam Aadmi Party and clicking and sharing on Social Media Pages! Should we create the buzz again or should we consider “Let it be, I am not interested

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Does Modi Cabinet Has A Brand “Apple” Like Face’?

Merging is a widely accepted corporate strategy. The one who aim for a faster growth in financial terms and market share do not shy away from one. When merging is in Government system, we call it Modi Governance of promised excellence! A cabinet of 45 is going to implement a successful corporate governance structure in the Government! Smaller cabinet and better governance! This theory is much advanced and appropriate than Manmohan’s “Group of Minister Mechanism

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Kejri-Wall: It’s Wrong Time To Ring The Bell

Just got a call from an unknown number with a recorded voice message of someone from Aam Aadmi Party clarifying the Jail issues of Arvind Kejriwal! Few days in Jail, will not convert you into Gandhi, Arvind. This is no good time to buzz over media. Your PR efforts will have no results now. The nation just had a Lok Sabha poll and people are tired of political allegations and issues. All the newsmakers are tired and

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7 Career Options for Sonia Gandhi

Without wasting any time lets see what are the best options for Mrs. Gandhi after the disastrous poll results recently. Chef: Sonia Gandhi is a passionate cook. She can start her own restaurant chain. From Pizza to Pasta, the former housewife can put most of her efforts with a royal touch! B-School Professor: Someone who has failed knows the way to reach success and can teach that better. This is even better when a successful person fails.

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