Volunteer at Aam Aadmi Party.
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Delhi should know who is against corruption. AAP or Central Govt

go to link Do you know that within 1 month of an honest government of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, more than 1.25 lakh calls came on the anti-corruption helpline 1031? Do you know that Delhi police comes under the central Modi government while the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) comes under Delhi AAP government? Do you know that when Delhi’s AAP govt asked people to video record any corruption case they face, Delhi police issued a circular banning

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Letter to the Youth today from Bhagat Singh – A piece of fiction based on his writing

My Dear Friend, I write to you on my 107th Birthday. It is heartening to know that you are actually reading my letter. I want you to read it fully. I write to you to clearly convey what I stood for and died for. You see, when you die, it is amazing to see how people brand you and attach you to“-isms”, to compartmentalize one’s ideas. These rigid ideologies and beliefs restrict one’s thoughts. So,

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#BetterDemocracy: Is Democracy all about Surveys?

With elections nearing, the media channels will soon start helping you on whom to vote for. So, when you switch on your TV at 9 PM, you have an over animated television anchor who gives you advice on who is winning the poll. He presents you figures, which is followed by an even more animate television debate. I ask you a more important question, “Would you vote for the winning candidate or would you vote

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Why is the BJP so shy in Delhi?

Yesterday, I took a meeting in the Greater Kailash Vidhan Sabha. I am the observer there. The volunteers took another landmark decision of electing a Ward In Charge from among them. It was so good to see them electing their leader. That is what democracy is supposed to be. Post his election; the electors briefed the new Ward In Charge about his duties. He carefully noted and nodded to each of them. He has started

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AAP Delhi Government: A 49-Day Report Card

Aam Aadmi Party’s Governance lasted for 47 days at office (excluded 2 days of holidays) and here is a recap. Tell your friends, family and your loved ones that there are people who care for the Nation and there are people who are ready to die for the cause of the Nation!!! If one does not call this Governance, leave them alone!!! Jai Hind!! Education: – Setup helpline for admission in schools. No donation is allowed.

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Volunteers4AAP : Service is your own reward

Organised Political action seldom leaves you with time to reflect upon your journey as an individual. There is so much work and you achieve a state where you just become a medium and things get done through you rather than you doing the things. The Aam Aadmi Party is one such movement. I would take this opportunity to tell all of you about my journey. I had met Arvind in Bangalore in July 2013. I

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