Nalanda Tambe is a journalist, post-graduate in communication studies and author of the book “Mediatized Realities of Crime against Women: A Case of Delhi gang rape”(November 2014) by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.
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The ‘My Side’ The ‘True Side’ Someone has truly said that because god cannot exist everywhere, he created parents. And this proverb I have actually experienced in my life and am very sure, many of us think alike; Parents are nothing but god. I survived from the nasty intentions of a person because my parents took a stand for me, which earlier I opposed to a greater extent but now have not only accepted, but feel happy from the bottom of

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Aagnyakaari bahu or malicious daughter-in-law

Household chores or job workload? Functions at home or meetings at office? Aagnyakaari bahu or malicious daughter-in-law? There is always a tug of war between these two categories of females. One becomes a sanskaari bahu and the other becomes a selfish and self-centered bahu. The way society has created certain barriers in front of women to stop her doing particular activities, in the same way they have also formed few perceptions for those women who

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India, Pakistan or INDIASTAN…?

Since 1947, ‘India’ and ‘Pakistan’ is always being talked and discussed inquisitively by people, government, army men, media etc. And now here are two teenagers shouldering their responsibilities towards peace in India and Pakistan. The age when minors are yet in a condition to explore what exactly peace between India and Pakistan means, Khushboo Danish (The City’s School Bhit Shah, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan) and Arsh Arora (St. Marks Senior Secondary Public School, Meera Bagh, New

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यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः (God resides there, where women are respected)

Why are we even talking about women empowerment and their safety in today’s time? Do we really need to speak on such topics that need an altogether 360 degrees of alteration? And why to consider such women issues when we certainly know there won’t be any change in these matters until and unless the change comes first from women only. Certain questions like; why I can’t do specific things in life? Why should I stop

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