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Mom: The Most Wonderful Gift of Life

Very recently there were two things that happened in my life. I just felt I should share those. I think I know that I am not a very good son. I did not do many things, which I should have done for my mother. But I truly love her and the reason I never express it loud because I feel I cannot. 1st Story I am not an introvert person but I have always found it hard to express my true feelings about anything to my parents. For the same reason in my long 27 years I have never celebrated

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An Open Letter To Mamata Banerjee

Nomoskar Didi, Hope you are in good health and mind. I know you can get me arrested by your so called “honest unbiased police force” for this letter. But I feel its good to stay in jail, safe and sound, rather than staying free and get attacked by followers of people like Tapas Paul. Didi, do you know common people of your state? Do you know what do they want? Do you know what do they expect from you? Today when a girl goes out of her home, her mother feels worried for her, instructs her to come back before

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Are You Happy? Its An Important Question

I belong to a small city and when I was a kid I used to think the world outside of my tiny town must be very happy. I always dreamt of going to a big city and live a happy life. Now this happiness is a vague and confusing word. How do you know if you are happy? I have met quiet a few folks and believe me: more than 90% people are not happy of what they are doing. Life isn’t about working, earning and eating, it is much more than that but in our daily busy schedule, we

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Micromanagement At Work

Bob’s mother called Bob, she wasn’t feeling well and called him so that he can come and take her to doctor. When Bob came back to his desk after attending the call, Bob’s team leader Harry called up Bob and asked where he went suddenly leaving his desk. Bob told him about the phone call and asked for a sudden leave. Harry wasn’t happy; it was the second time happening in that week. According to Harry these things were hampering Bob’s performance and productivity, he ignored the fact that last quarter it was Bob who was responsible for the revenue

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How I Completed The 30 KM Walk

Yes, I know walking for 30 kms at a stretch is no big deal. Many people have done it earlier and in fact there are many who have travelled the whole world walking. I can remember a boy who walked 4000 kms and took a selfie each day during his journey. But its like a start. Until and unless you start something, you never know the pain and gain in it. Before I experienced it I always used to wonder what big deal would it be to walk. I always have loved travelling and for me it was never a

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When I Lived Life: My Maiden Bungee Jump

I was falling at a speed of 124 mph. I could see the wild river below, I could hear the hard stones below, it all got over in a matter of a few seconds. Earlier that day: I woke up really early in the morning. Thamel is a great place, one of the most happening ones in Nepal. You see so many foreigners at night on the streets that it hardly feels like an Indian neighbourhood. 4am in the morning though is quite different and on that day the exhilaration made it feel even better. I had missed a flight

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