Food stylist, Entrepreneur, Writer, Traveler, Photographer, Author - Michael Swamy dons several feathers on his cap. He has won the Gourmand award in 2012 for his book The East Indian Kitchen. Michael has also been a food consultant for Master Chef India season 1 & 2. Michael’s cooking style is very classic French and as a chef, Michael has worked with several large brands like the Taj group of hotels (Mumbai), Bombay Brasserie (London), Kuwait airways (Kuwait), The Bowl House brand in India and Boutique Hotel Te Aroha in Danachuli.
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Modern Indian Cuisine

buy modafinil switzerland What is modern Indian cuisine, and what is it all about? These are questions I often find myself answering. Most people seem to think, it’s about fusing cuisines – that is, fusing cultures through food. Though a beautiful thought, this is only partially true. Modern Indian cuisine is not about fusing Indian food with those from other countries, but fusing indigenous ingredients and flavours with modern techniques and presentations. Of course, this also sometimes includes

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Food! An experience through life…

As a chef, restaurant consultant and critic, you spend hours sampling succulent meats,
silky sauces, delicate soups and decadent desserts. No experience, however, can replace the textured childhood memories of food Every school-going kid in India instantly identifies with the memory of gorging
on the treats at the ‘masala berry’ cart, as I used to call it, stationed outside the school gates. An ordinary, spindly wooden cart, for us kids, was the most amazing thing on the planet,

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Grandma’s secret recipes: Michael Swamy and East Indian culinary heirlooms

The vindaloo you know is not the only vindaloo around. There is one for every ex-Portuguese precinct — whether in Macau or Latin America or India. In the Konkan itself, the Goan version is as different from the Mumbai one as the Christians of Goa are from the East Indians of Mumbai. In fact, there isn’t one recipe for anything East Indian because it is a khichdi of many identities — the kolis or fishermen

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Eating out through the years

Some of my earliest memories of food funnily stems from school. Never a first-bencher, the smell of freshly-wrapped new notebooks in brown paper, of sharpened pencils and new erasers was distracting enough, but so was the thought of the mid-day break. It was comforting to tuck into one’s tiffin after pretending to study so much. It was even better to run down during the 15-minute break to grab a vada pav or samosa pav, or

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Review of Taj Coromandel Chennai, Southern Spice Restaurant

Chennai, the bustling metropolis, is known more for its fabulous food than anything else. And a recent trip to the Taj Coromandel Chennai’s Southern Spice Restaurant, gives one many wonderful memories to carry back home. The Southern Spice Restaurant in Chennai featured in the the top 50 restaurants list in 2014. Michael Swamy says that the Southern Spice Restaurant offers awesome food and ensures a great ambiance. There menu delightfully blends traditional dishes and those made using contemporary ingredients

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Michael Swamy visits the Vivanta by Taj – Madikeri Coorg

One of the most beautiful Taj properties is nestled in the emerald green forests of Coorg. The Vivanta by Taj Madikeri in Coorg is a must-visit destination which offers not only a comfortable stay but also a variety of activities to its guests like a forest walk, pottery-making workshop and a wonderful conservatory documenting the local Kodava culture. And of course, a taste of the flavorful, amazing Kodava food made at their restaurant Nellaki will

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Social Media and Food

It’s almost 15 years that I have been writing on food and travel, and contrary to popular belief, being a chef doesn’t make it any easier. You still have to make your mark, make your voice heard above the din of other “food writers”.  It takes a certain kind of expertise to be able to write on food and talk about it. I have always centered the fact that a person should have some background in

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