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You Should Never Get Married: Here Are The Reasons

click I love being Single and Alone, what about you? Reason is simple. All my energy goes into taking care of myself and self improvement. I can work hard on a project and a learn a new language without a hiccup from anyone around. Let me list down some concrete reasons to make you avoid getting into a relationship of any sort.  ☛You will have time to build a better you ☛You can do what you

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What’s life and what’s its purpose?

Let this grandfather’s letter to his grandson on his first day in this world, answer these for you… Dear Munna, Welcome to this world. This is beautiful,lovely and amazing place and you have been sent here to make it more beautiful and more amazing who has sent us?? No body has been able to know hat till death and probably its not even important so please don’t waste your time to such questions. We all

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How to Promote Your Android Apps/Games for Free

where to buy trileptal For small businesses, it’s almost always a tough to Promote their Android Apps/Games in Free or in very less budget . Some of the Apps or Games which are very good but due to low budget or very minimal presence : They lost somewhere. In this Digital time, one have to very active and creative .. Some of the tips i have gathered , lets get into that: 1.First of all, Do SEO : Identify

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Maa, please tell me the story where there is no king or Queen

Maa, please tell me the story where there is no king or Queen. The story that relates to you and to me. The story that tells about the anguish of every heart. The story that is filled with the fragrance of the world. A story that does not talk about celestial damsel, or pretty angels in the heavens. Maa ….tell me that special story…..Tell me the story that will teach me to smile, a story

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There is one Relation above all, Relation of Humanity. Happy Raksha Bandhan

There is one Relation above all, Relation of Humanity. We SALUTE Soldier Ved Mitra Choudhary who Sacrificed his Life to save someone else’s sister from Eve Teasers who were teasing and molesting her, While more than 100 bystanders just stood and watched (Just want to say Ved sir you made us all so PROUD to be a Human, MILLION SALUTES TO YOU SIR) Watch this video before you Celebrate Raksha Bandhan on August 29th, Inspired

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Why do you listen to the world, Sometime listen to yourself too

Yes! [Tweet “Selfish, be a bit selfish, Why do you listen to the world, Sometime listen to yourself too.”] Thank God, My 10th exams is over now! Now I will concentrate on Cricket.. But didn’t know that my life had just begun .. ======================================= Papa: Where are you going? Me: Going to play a Cricket match! Papa: Where? Don’t waste your time in games.. Concentrate on your IIT entrance. Me is my own mind: uff

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Dear APJ AbdulKalam Sir, You will always be alive in our mind and soul.

Chithhi na koyi sandesh Jaane woh kaun sa desh jaha tum chale gaye Jaha tum chale gaye.. No letters or news Who knows about that country where you’ve gone ..   You will be in our heart Sir #ProudIndian You are our Inspirational . His last tweet: Going to Shillong.. to take course on Livable Planet earth at iim. With @srijanpalsingh and Sharma. — APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) July 27, 2015   ================================================== Dear Youth/Politicians,

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Be the Star of your Amazing life – Do it Now

Be the Star within Yourself.. unlike those stars around you whom you see on TV, internet. No matter what, Do something in your life that gives some positive results to the Society . Apart from your Professional life, you have all potential to share happiness with society. Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you.World needs it more Every heart has its own rhythm, has its own music.. Every heart has its

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The best friendship quotes and sayings

My close ones get angry, others get angry, But The beloved shouldn’t be angry.. Dreams break, promises break, But The heart shouldn’t break.. Friendship: If He/She gets angry, Even sometime God can be angry But,I should not get away from my beloved ones.. ========================================================= The best quotes / Sayings i can see these: There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters,who never did, and who always will. A friend is

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