“I am not what I think I am and I am not what you think I am; I am what I think that you think I am” Thomas Cooley, Inscriptions: Prairie Poetry Who am I? I can describe this to you in relation to the ascribed and achieved status and identity. But that isn’t who I am. I can share with you who I think I am, how I perceive myself. But is that me? I am in search of me. In this journey called life, I find answers about me, some are nice, some bad and some scary! But I still continue…
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#BetterDemocracy: Development Challenges for India

buy Pregabalin mexico After more than six decades of independence, India’s rapid economic and industrial growth is definitely inspiring and promising. But when we talk about development, it cannot be restricted to economic growth but also means an improvement in human welfare, quality of life and social well being of all. Thus economic growth may not result in development. There are many development challenges for India which need to be prioritised and addressed in a systematic and structure

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Nakusha: The Unwanted Girl Child?

She was named Nakusha; the unwanted… In parts of Maharashtra, the desire for the male child is so deep rooted that many girls are named thus outlining the bias against them. It is believed that the next child would be a boy if the girl child is named Nakusha. She was the third girl born to her mother. Her father threatened to desert her if the next child would be a girl. Her mother left

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Nakusha: A Flickering Lamp Of Hope? A Story Of Empowerment?

Nakusha wakes up at four. She, along with the other women of nearby huts, has to finish her daily ablutions in the nearby field before the sun rises, thus affording her some sense of privacy. Then she has to collect and store water required for cooking, bathing and drinking for the whole day from the sole common tap for their colony of about 100 households. She then has to start preparing the meals for her

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#MorningWalks And Some Benefits

There is something about getting up early morning. Its like once you get up, there is no stopping you but more often than not you end up hitting the snooze button on the alarm and sleeping on till its time to get ready for office or school or whatever else. It is definitely more tempting to cuddle back with you soft pillows into the blanket and sleep for another hour but its also wonderful to

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The ‘Rant’

This may offend you; make you angry or sad… I don’t know. But I do not believe that society will ever treat two human beings equally; something or the other will be found that will be used to discriminate, control and discourage. Gender, race, caste, money are just tools used for these. If these differentiations cease to exist, new ones will be found. I write this as a woman…albeit privileged and fortunate enough to be

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Traveling Alone: How Open Are You?

How open are you to a job that would involve travel? If someone would have asked me this question about a year back I would jump and say “I would love a job that has a lot of traveling!!” Well if someone asks me that now, I would take a moment, lean back and ask, “Now what kind of travelling are we talking about?”How, how often and where?” In a month, 15-20 days are spent

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Sorrow Of Being…

I should be happy but I am sad Mad., mad at the world around Mad at me I want to fly High, touch the sky Pulled down by Myself I cry Cry, cry for what? The lose of love? Love the way I want it Not the way you think The way I want it Cry, cry for what, The lose of time Time of fun and joy Not as you think it The way

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The Tree That You See….

The tree had been there, Before you were there Sprung from the cradle of life From the lap of the Mother It used to be a joy to the eye Oh My! The tender little green thing As it first opened its leaves to the world The tree had been there Before you were there Green little limbs, Okay, Branches if u say Oh My! The excitement rose in its soul As it learned to

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I Could Only Stare…

I wanted to know To ask, to listen but Her eyes Captured my eyes Vacant Far away they stare She looks at me No Through me I can only stare Silently at her face Her rusty brown hair, The colour of her skin. Is there No hope that I see In her eyes Her chest Bears the burden Of her matrimony Still growing Seven months protruding Her belly Third one, she says grimly I can

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The Forbidden C-Word

“Counseling? Counseling is for weirdo’s… not for me!” “We do not have ‘problems’ that we need to go for counseling.” Just many of the statements I have heard from various sources but mainly men. I do not get why men (I know only about Indian men!) are averse to the concept of counseling. When you suggest that its not only when you have problems that you opt for counseling, it’s like trying to talk to a

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