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Stats, Facts and Form, all stack against West Indies against India

Back in the days of yore, there used to be a concept of a farmer working on his landlord’s field for years, in return for the due loan that the farmer was paying from his forefathers. The BCCI is that landlord, and the Caribbean unit-WICB is the farmer. These sides meet at the WACA, with 65 million dollars that the WICB owes the BCCI, for a volte-face that the Caribbean cricketers did when the sides

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India will beat UAE without even breaking a sweat

As India take on UAE, on the 28th of February, the question is fairly simple. Would India treat this game like any other game, or would UAE make India slip on a banana peel? Given the way UAE have performed in the tournament so far, with spirited performances against Ireland and Zimbabwe, it probably would be a contest that wont be decided in the first half of the game. UAE has shown spunk so far, in

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India’s bowling and South Africa’s batting hold key to crucial encounter

The world cup is a funny beast. It has this little item number called ‘contrasts’ that makes cricket a little interesting. As both these sides get into an important Pool B contest, history and recent form could come a cropper if the script for the game suddenly moves to the ‘Contrast’ setting. While South Africa are known for their ruthless and tigerish resolve in the qualifying stages before a knockout in World Cups, they seem to

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India vs Pakistan – Match Preview

Super Sunday Unfolds As India head into super sunday, to play Pakistan, they have most probably gone inside a bubble to escape all the media pressure that accompanies an India Pakistan game. Under MS Dhoni, India have usually kept their nerve for such contests, trying to isolate themselves from the adrenalin rush and frenzy that accompanies a contest between these two nations. Pakistan on the other hand, have little spotlight on them, more so because

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Go Granny Go: How I enjoy watching World Cup Cricket with Nani

Feb 22nd 1992– It was just the day after my 9th birthday and I was quite on cloud 9. I had devoured the contents of that week’s ‘The Sportsar’ World Cup Edition, I had a good birthday and that cute Gujrati girl in my class consented to sit next to me in our hindi class. Quite a charmed life it was! As Feb 21st gave way to the 22nd, the little suburb of Adayar in Chennai had more

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The Insurance that won’t be around in the 2015 Cricket World Cup

Where’s heaven? Where’s that dreamy world of a promised land? Maybe airplanes take you there, Maybe even Magic Mushrooms take you there. Can just seeing a human smile take you there? Kartik Kannan found a couple of humans who’ve taken him to the promised land. He’s seen the promised land, and recounts the land’s insurance policy that kept him sane all along. This time in February 2015, he’s all alone, with his insurance policy not

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Cricket World Cup 2015- Realistic Evaluation of the Teams!

How important is history when determining the future? I’ve seen quotes saying that the future is not always determined by the past, but somewhere when we look to predict who would win out of multiple choices, our brain is hardwired to look at history. So how much of history is the right quantity to look? Is it 2 years, 4 years, 8 years or previous editions of the World Cup? I am trying to keep

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Tata Bolt Review: All you need to know

I had been to a couple of centers in Chennai, to understand where I could see the Tata Bolt. I went on the 25th of January to the Tata Bolt promotional showcase in S.P. Infinity in Chennai, after quickly checking with the twitter handle of Tata Motors. I was able to see the car first there at this centre, and took some photos of the car’s interiors and exteriors. I could not however use it

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Bangalore’s Winter- A Photoblog – 2

The first part of this photoblog with some really good misty pictures of an early morning in Bangalore can be found here. Overnight journey, sleep deprived people in speeding buses and cars are racing about on empty roads to get to their destination and warm up at their homes, and maybe even catch a power nap, before deciding to reluctantly turn up at work. When the night gives way to the morning, you have the

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