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Exploring Goa: The Rail Trek to Dudhsagar – II

see url This is part 2 of Kartik Kannan’s photographic journey of Dudhsagar! The railway trek begins at Dudhsagar railway station, where passenger trains mildly stop for a minute. There’s no station/building present at this place. You need to walk across the railway track, till you pass 3 tunnels and ask the locals for the path from the mountain that leads to the waterfall. The image of the semi circular opening at the close of the tunnel,

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Exploring Goa: The Rail Trek to Dudhsagar – I

Dudhsagar, translating to sea of milk, is a tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa on Goa’s border with Karnataka state. It is four-tiered. It is 60 km from Panaji city by road and 46 km from Madgaon railway junction by train. It’s a wonderful journey on the South Western railway as you walk along the railway track, exploring pristine nature at its best. The Rail trek begins, once

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Match Experience at the PEPSI IPL VIP Box

  You queue outside in the hot sun, seeing a serpentine kilometer long queue to enter into respective gates, 90 minutes before the game, and you look at the VIP’s entering in a sedan right outside the gate, and walking in with elan.  Your position in the line has probably moved a few millimeters, while a few VIP’s have made their way in to the stadium. So, given this background, who doesn’t want to be a

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Go Goa Gone: Review

It doesn’t take too much to excite some one of a movie with the title having the 3 magical letters of Goa in it. To add to that in the trailer, you wacky hummable music, Zombie plot., 3 guys having bachelor fun in Goa, one new chick as part of the cast, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, since you’ve seen the trailer The movie remains very focused on the Zombie plot,

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Colours of the Maha Kumbh Mela 2013 Highlighted by the Nagababas – Part 1

Walking without a destination in mind, is perhaps the best way to enjoy a journey, where you lap up every experience that comes your way, without assigning relative scales to weighing them. The walk in the Kumbh Mela area is one such experience. Even if you aim to keep a destination in mind, the Kumbh Area ends up being so vast, with the constant on-the-move sea of humanity, that you invariably end up getting lost.

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On a Goan Forest Trail

Goa’s often known just for the beaches has tracts of equally wonderful forest lands which are unknown to most. Kartik Kannan, explores one such tract, the extremes of Harmal Village, where he got a free facepack, and an unexpected encounter with a greedy ‘baba’ who requested a laptop as Dakshina. Read on to know what happened next.  7 am, is a time most people don’t see in Goa, and I was one of the few

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Melaka: Venice Meets Goa Meets Madurai

Kartik Kannan writes about his visit to the World Heritage City of Melaka, which is a blend of Goa, Madurai, Venice and China! He offers a succinct view of his expedition of the beautiful place. What is Melaka? Imagine the Tamil song Va Da Maplillae competing with the yesteryear Hindi classic Do Lafzon Ki Hain – that is Melaka! The town has Venetian vibes with canals running through the periphery of the town, even as you listen

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