She is pursuing her Masters in Communication Studies. Her research interests are media studies, postcolonial theory, cultural studies, global and political communication and discourse analysis.
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Lie… If you must…

And just sometimes, Trapped in your own bed, You struggle to find a ray To dispel the darkness that consumes you From within…   In that moment, you fight your soul, That is ready to lose it all, You know it is your one last chance, To seize yourself from the growing Dark…   And you gather those countless pieces, That have lost all the sheen, Force them together into a whole; Wage a war

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CWC India vs Pakistan: Bridging Divides and Overcoming Prejudices

Cricket has been a game that is celebrated with unprecedented enthusiasm in both India and Pakistan; not only do people connect with this sport but also revel and despair in victory and defeat respectively. To rephrase a quote given by Abraham Maslow, ‘For a cricket enthusiast, he/she breathes cricket, thinks cricket and lives cricket”… and when the competition is steered between countries that have shared volatile relations the game acquires a new meaning. As India

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Dear Men, just say “Ladies Here I Come”!

According to Neil Postman, ‘What an advertiser needs to know is not what is right about the product but what is wrong about the buyer’. The advertisers of fragrances for males have tactfully used this principle to create sex-filled scopophiliac ads that capitalize on the ideas of sex and seduction. They employ the power of provocative female images in making a man’s imagination run wild. The central idea is to uplift a man’s mojo, however,

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#BetterDemocracy: Abuse of Women in the Public Sphere

Does it start with eve-teasing- the common euphemism for the abuse and violence women experience on the streets in various parts of India? Does it end with the offender being punished or the women being convinced into ‘submission’? When a young girl comes home, disturbed, at experiencing violence and abuse on the streets for the first time, she is told that ‘neither is this something new nor can it be stopped; Just Ignore’. She then

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Reasons Why You Should Attend Vadfest 2015 – 2

This is the second part about the wonderful reasons you should definitely join the #Vadfest2015. The first part which speaks about Food, Music, Dance and Theater at the fest can be found here. – The Shopping Festival All you shopaholics, Vadfest presents to you a one shop destination and a quintessential shopping experience where an array of products will be displayed. The aesthetics of the handicraft industry, the glitz and glam of Gujarati attires such

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Reasons Why You Should Attend Vadfest 2015 – 1

This January, Vadfest 2015 will witness a coming together of thousands of visitors from across the globe to be a part of an immersive journey that will celebrate the art, culture, music and traditions of Vadodara. This festival promises to be a watershed moment in the history of India and has something for everyone. Are you still wondering why you should attend this festival? Read on for the top reasons to be a part of

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#BetterDemocracy- Policy Paralysis in Legalization of Prostitution in India

As the National Commission for Women (NCW) official Lalitha Kumaramangalam raised the issue of legalizing prostitution, mobilization of public debates in favor of this proposition gained momentum. It is being argued that creating a legal framework for regulating prostitution will prevent trafficking and improve the health conditions of workers and clients which might curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Legalizing prostitution will ensure that sex workers enjoy the basic rights in a democratic

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Sexual Politics and Rights of the LGBT Community in India

The social and legal status of LGBT persons is influenced by a dominant perception that it defies Indian morals and values. ‘Homosexuality’ is considered to be an outcome of Western culture and is criminalized to ensure that Indians don’t align with ideological borrowings from a foreign society. The entire debate about the LGBT rights in India has been stirred by the idea of morality as sexual politics come to fore. A closer inspection will reveal

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Battered Angels of India

Human society has been a stage where violence and atrocities against women have been witnessed yet overlooked. Every decade documents occurrences of heinous crimes against women that pull the masses out of their slumber. However, these incidents do nothing more than draw the people out on the streets for a day or two. Protests are held, people shout to deaf ears of the judicial system and finally retreat into their own homes leaving the souls

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A Place Called Here! A Trip to Abu

“Enchanted by the magnificence of its mystical landscape, the sage decided to behest the mountain spirits to allow his patron lord, Arbhuda, to reside there. From thence the hills became the dwelling place of Lord Arbhuda. ‘Abu’ is a diminutive of the ancient eponym for this hill station which resounds with vibrations of things ethereal in essence yet sensual to physical touch”, narrated my grandmother as she unwrapped the home cooked ‘parathas’ for us. “Welcome

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