Worked with a leading and reputed MNC (bank) for nine years. Now a homemaker and mother of two, she has rekindled her passion for writing. Her role as a mother, wife, daughter and a daughter in law has given her a wider, newer, richer and liberating experiences of life as it unfolds. Her work depicts her perspective towards her own and or the experiences she comes across.
India Lost Pride
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Independence – our lost PRIDE?

“You have to fight for freedom and once that freedom is achieved you have to fight to be free within that freedom” ~ Michael Sage My heart swells with pride the moment the national anthem is sang or heard; be it at the podium of the Olympics games, a sporting event, in educational institutions or in a foreign land. That feeling is held captive within, which none can steal. The anthem is a beautiful mix

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Yatra of AZADI!

When I first heard Kanhaiyas speech post his return from jail, I was awestruck by his speech making styles, his unmatched sarcasm and his clarity of thoughts as a youth (not all will agree). I say this, as this is a first, in my times where a speech is made with utmost grit and without a paper in hand or a teleprompter or dramatics. It isn’t surprising that his fiery entry into the arena from

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Beauty and the be(a)st

  I was recently pointed out by a dear friend how inappropriate it was for my 6 year old girl to be adorned in make-up. My initial reaction (in my head) was more like “mind your own business, will you?” On the hind side, isn’t it true that friends are the ones to point out the good and the not so good stuff about our lives? In this case it was true. And I began

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Being a winner doesn’t always mean crossing the finishing line first

Off loading her truck laden kind of school bag, she doesn’t seem sad but rather upset and says; “Mumma I can’t fight back I am very short in my class friend helps me she is tall na.. so she can fight..they get scared of her! Yes it’s not easy to digest that, specially words uttered off a five-year-old something when she ends up in a verbal or silly physical tussles. So you must be

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This Independence Day, do we all Indians feel “Cornered”?

The ex IPL chief keeps getting slapped with coloured corners; while Sushma Swaraj is cornered by the Gandhis while Gandhis are cornerned by Sushma and party; while the government is cornered by opposition and the opposition is cornered by the government..while consenting adults are cornered by the cops, while porn is no more “watch in the corner” thing and while terrorists from across borders sneek in from all corners..the question remains to be answered where

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Prime minister and Me !

Mr Prime Minister I can totally empathise with your silence in the recent past…after all you have a country to manage! I too am a PM (Prime Member) in my family..I am the ruling party by default please no applause. Yes you can imagine what I am up against aha two kids and a hubby thats more than enough for a opposition who again by default are the MPs (Most Pime). I too search for

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Lets be Fair & Lovely!

Union Minster Giriraj Singh’s recent jibe and the likes of him who comment on women and color of their skin shouldn’t come as a thunderbolt to us women. This is what the society, the world at large has been reduced to! Coming to think of it,there is hardly a urban-rural divide on this matter too! While mothers would constantly pursue the ends of the earth for the ideal sundar bahu (beautiful daughter in law) more

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My message to the mother, the girl child, and the dad who turned bad!

I am aggrieved having read this. This is my response to that sick father who left a child because she is a daughter. When God creates he creates his image, which is unique, blessed and dearest in his eyes just like him! When man pro creates he claims his place as God and makes insane decisions! Lets not educate ourselves to make a mockery of the what God has given, be it a girl or

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Happy Womans Week

I was being me from the beginning Then why turn me to nothing What is it you see wrong To the same world we belong We are children of the same mother Then why treat me like another Making me woman was God’s plan Then why succumb me to your demand. Into this world I was born free Why is it so difficult to let me be I plead..Don’t try me so much That I

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#BetterDemocracy: The power of ONE!

The power of ONE cannot be underestimated at any given point. The outcome of such power is magnified beyond imagination. Nobel laurates Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai have proved that power is what you make of it. Being powerful may come easy if you have the resources that come in monetary form. But power that comes from within makes a world of difference and a difference to the world! Give it a thought: give yourself

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