When his batch mates were burning the midnight oil trying to crack IIT and AIEEE, Joybrato Dutta was trying to figure out the reason for him to do engineering. After a year of entertainment, exploitation and of course, engineering he decided to quit the entrapment. After graduating from a film school, he joined advertising. And since then he has been creating campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the country. But for a storyteller, writing ads wasn’t enough. He had more to tell and his stories on this blog are the result of his unquenched desire
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Porn and I

buy provigil from india Long back I heard a quote written by the great Harivansh Rai Bachchan. He said “Mandir Masjid bair karaye, mel karaye Madhushala”. If only he lived in our times when pornography is no longer restricted to books, he would realise that boys unite much before they start drinking. As any other kid I was born curious. And then I got the answer to every secret of human life. THE GANG-BATE – 10th standard, Jamshedpur My parents had left

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My Husband Made Me a Prostitute

But he didn’t have to force me. I volunteered myself. Initially my family and my in laws had a problem, but now they’ve adjusted to my new lifestyle. Watch the video here   In my profession I get to meet various kinds of people everyday, mostly brats and unsatisfied husbands. The more I see them the more my heart fills with pride, because I know my husband would never do something like this. A few

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आज़ादी मुबारक हो!!!

पसंद न था खेतों में टमाटर प्याज़ उगाना हैसियत में नहीं आज बाज़ार से उन्हें ख़रीदना कभी सोचते थे दुनिया को इशारों पर नचाओगे आज सोचते हो बिना प्याज़ टमाटर के घर में क्या बनाओगे तुम्हे आज़ादी मुबारक हो कभी किश्तों में कटते हो कभी हिस्सों में जुड़ते हो चाल है तुम्हारी नवाबों वाली जाल में फंसे हो EMI वाली तुम्हें भी आज़ादी मुबारक हो गाँव के साथ तेवर भी छोड़ दिए कड़ी धुप में

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You Are No Longer the Same Person

We change as soon as we say, “Mera placement ho gaya”, only to realise that we’ve turned a lot of eyes green. People who we stayed with, people who’ve cleaned our homes after a Saturday night party (let’s not forget there’s many who puke). Such people develop a new talent ‘Back-biting’. I am sure we’ve all heard quotes like “Zyaada bhao mat kha” or “maloom hai ab tu bada aadmi ban gaya hai”, when you

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Anurag Kashyap v/s Bombay Velvet

This article is based less on the movie and more on the reactions that I have been reading over the last few days. Some liked it. Some hated it. But everyone is talking about it. Like always Anurag Kashyap wanted to try something different. It worked with films like Gangs of Wasseypur and Gulaal. This one time it didn’t (for most). Don’t kill the man for that. Because Indian Cinema needs Anurag Kashyap. Anurag Kashyap films

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चलो उस घर में वह बचपन तलाश कर आये पीछे वाले कमरे में वह आँगन तलाश कर आएं   हर शाम जिस बाज़ीचे पर किलकारी गूंजती थी चलो गुलिस्तां में उस बंजर ज़मीन को तलाश कर आये   सपनो की राह पर जो रूठ गयी थी आँखें चलो उन गलियो में उन आँखों को तलाश कर आएं   मुस्कुराते होंटो में जो दर्द हमेशा खामोश रहा चलो बारिश की बोंडून में उन् आंसुओं को तलाश

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Death of a family

I stared at my little brother as he sat in one corner of his room crying, as if our parents had died. But our parents were in the next room. That’s why he stuffed the curtain in his mouth so that his sobs don’t reach the next room. Daddy would have hit him harder. Already his face was covered with bruises. A punishment for failing in the exam. That was the crime my little brother

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Post break up, Post mortem

School and Bollywood are the foundation pillars of our education. School teaches us to follow career paths that parents can boast about and Bollywood teaches us to handle relationships that only your girlfriend’s friends will appreciate. Career and Relationship has a format. And thou shall be judged if thou fail to fit in that format. Format for career: If you don’t enrol yourself in an engineering college after standard 12 it means you are aimless and regardless of

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She was definitely not prepared for the idiosyncrasies of a rural place. Down south where she came from, she wasn’t used to rules imposed by rituals. She was a free bird who never thought twice before voicing an opinion. Unfortunately where she was, it was huge crime for women to voice their opinion and follow their heart. In that area women were categorised in two parts – Angels and Demons. Those who abided by the patriarchal

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Happy No-Porn Day!

Nothing can be as dissuading as an unfulfilled superstitious belief. Of course, it also happens to be the best excuse you give yourself when you fail. For example: I failed because I didn’t wear my favourite shirt. I failed because I didn’t wear my favourite lipstick. I failed because I didn’t give a biscuit to a dog. I failed because mom didn’t put butter on my paranthas. I failed because I didn’t watch porn last

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