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New York, New York

It’s been a while since I had talked about New York to anyone. So, talking about it today during my interview took me back in time and made me completely nostalgic. Why am I smitten by that city? Why do I jump off my seat with excitement every time I get a peek of the city on TV? Why do I always have a story to tell every time I hear the word “New York?” I mean,

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PCOS, What?

So, having PCOS is like being in love with a man who refuses to love you back, but you are so desperately in love with him that you do all these things for him to love you back but all you get is a cold shoulder all your life and side effects that will haunt you all your life. SO, the only way out of this is to not show any love, PCOS thrives on

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Why Hire Me

The era was the peaceful 80s when I was around 7 years old. We did not own a TV at home, so we hopped into the nearest neighbor’s house to watch Doordarshan programs on TV. We watched everything from Chitrahaar to Saturday films to Ramayan. This was also the time when Video Cassette Players were big. All one had to do was go to the nearest video store, rent out the TV and the video

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The Movie That Changed My Life

If someone is reading my post: Well, this one, I wrote a couple of years back when there was a contest on CNN-IBN. The contest was called “The movie that changed your life” and believe me, Anbe Sivam really changed my life for the better. So, here it is! I am hoping it does a little something for you, too. There are a lot of films that make little impacts in my life, but nothing

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Frances Ha – Movie Review

My weekend Movie recommendation: I love offbeat/indie films and this little gem called Frances Ha is one of the best films of 2013. It was charming, adorable, funny, and quirky, and all along the movie, I felt Frances could have been me or any other girl  who is trying to get a sense of herself and everything around her; her career, her relationships, her friendships, and all that fuzzy stuff in between. Little did I know then that Greta

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My Favourite Book: Written On The Body

The book that I would like to talk about is “Written on the Body” by Jeanette Winterson. This book came to me at a time when I was broken and bruised. The pain, the yearning and the passion that the narrator feels towards the lover (Louise) is expressed so beautifully. The wounds of pleasure that your loved one gives you during the numerous throes of passion and the wounds of pain that they leave you

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