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Sex Education in Schools: A Parent’s Perspective

buy prednisone australia “The soul is healed by being with children.,” said Fyodor Dostoyevsky the Russian writer in the 1800’s. Even after many centuries, it still holds true. Anyone who is a parent or has been associated with children will vouch for the pleasure we derive when we spend some time with a child. Their innocence I believe is what gives us this pleasure. As children grow older, they tend to know more, want more and hence be dissatisfied more

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Parantha Made From Leftovers!

Leftovers are a regular affair in our household, which loves food. Though leftovers and a food loving household do not seem to be a possible combination, we should take into consideration the over enthusiastic chef who ends up cooking a lot of quantity and too many dishes at every meal. The end result is that there are a lot of leftovers. When you are spoilt for choice with the fresh food available, I cannot imagine

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Love and Valentines!

Every day of my life is special with you besides me, blessed I am surely that God let us meet. During busy days we sometimes forget this you see, to thank and appreciate what we have and what we actually need. Today I take this opportunity to let you know, how much you mean to me…Again and again I tell you so. Every day I may not write a poem for you, but my darling,

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If Sometimes You Wonder

Dedicated To My Parents Who Turn 60 And 70 In September 2013 If sometimes you wonder, do I love you as much as I did, let me assure you,my love is as fresh as it was when I was a kid? If sometimes you wonder, do I think of you as much as you do?? Yes, I remember you every minute as my child, my son grew…. If sometimes you wonder, did you waste away

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Life Poem

Thank You God!

Thank you God for my life and all the love, For making me happy when I see a rose or a dove. For letting me enjoy everything I have when I live, Grateful for my wants which are lesser than what you give. For eyes to see my loved ones and for hands to do my own work, To read, to cook, to paint to laugh…to do all the things I care about. To enjoy

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Life Love

Bless You!

There cannot be a more beautiful way of blessing your child than by dedicating a poem to him. Geetha Krishnan expresses her heartfelt love for her child in these stanzas. Bless you! Bless you my child, bless you my son. Today you are a boy…soon you will grow up dear one. Bless you with strong hands to help anyone in need, to work hard, to give more, the poor, old and sick to feed. Bless

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