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Indian “Dilwale” American “Dulhaniya” Le jayenge

follow site Happiness, Tears, Excitement,  Love and its variants (Ishq, Mohabbat, pyaar etc; Ask SRK to differentiate). These are common emotions that fill the aura of an airport I went there to drop my father. As he went inside the airport, I had my own ride of emotions.  As always, I took a walk around the area to bask in the luxury of nostalgia. Different people! Different Emotions! Different Situations! I noticed a family of approximately 15

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sardar salesman
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I went to a store and met a Sardarji…there was nothing to laugh at him!!

I was busy setting up my new house in Delhi. Dinner set, sofa covers, shoe rack, Emergency food etc. were being procured from various sources. Since I was tired of my usual market, I took the lane behind to see if I can get a mini hanging cupboard, mainly for decorative purposes. I saw many shops that possessed the item. Before entering I was tempted yet again by momos and went for a quick snack.

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An old lady and two Policewomen- And this happened!

Bangalore Yesterday morning, I was taking my usual stroll to office. I live near that long stretch that is a gateway towards connecting and separating people a.k.a AIRPORT ROAD. Positive being I pay a lesser exorbitant amount to reach the airport as compared to the rest of the city. The negative being occasional traffic blocks to ensure the VIPs of our country have a clear path to reach their destination at our expense. (Dilli ,

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An Outsider’s love at First Sight: MUMBAI

As my first day in Mumbai comes to an end, here I am, standing at Mohammed Rafi Chowk showcasing a silent protest against the legendary Rafi sahib’s 1956 song that claimed “Kahin building, kahin traame, kahin motor, kahin mill Milta hain yahaan sab kuch , ek milta nahi DIL Insaan ka nahin kahin naam aur nishaan Zara hat ke, zara bach ke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan” Translation (Buildings, Trams, Motors and Mills. You get

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We were born, we went to school and then Education discriminated us!!

Disclaimer: All these views are mine. So feel free to trash them as you please  As usual, I went for my evening walk followed by chai. This time I took a slightly different route and happened to pass by a tuition centre. There were different kinds of students :- One’s stepping out of the centre with a huge sense of relief One’s stepping out with books in their hands . One’s rushing for the next

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Happiness for Sale: Kya ho raha hai India?

Venue: Delhi 14th August 2014 I was on my way to the Airport. Delhi was all set to celebrate Independence day . A family was selling balloons, wrist bands with tri-colour on it, and kites etc. Their son (5 years old maybe) was holding two Indian flags. He was in his own way, celebrating the spirit of India. There was an Innova nearby. A lady lowered the window panes and her son kept pointing towards

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