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Things everyone should know by the age of 20

http://sukeyjumpmusic.com/checkout/ 20 is a milestone age for most. It’s the time when you are no longer a teen and not yet a complete adult. You are most likely to still be in college. However, all that will be in constant flux in the next 3-4 years where you have to decide on your career choices, get a job, start earning (and saving), and being independent in the truest sense of the word. Let’s break down the things

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Can you take a day off to read?

Books are loved all over. Trilogies are made into movies. Epic fantasy series spawn a multitude of fan fictions and command a enviable following. Poems are memorized and recited at social gatherings. Short stories, however, are largely ignored. But that is, by no means, proof that they are of any “lesser” literary value. In fact, the well-written short stories are as insightful, scary, romantic and moving as their other literary cousins. Here are 42 short stories (thanks

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Date a girl who talks a lot

Someone who cannot wait to get a hold of you at the end of the day to vividly describe every moment that passed. Someone who is more excited at the prospect of a dinner because she gets to talk before, during, and after the meal. Someone who does not believe in being succinct and is liberal with her words, idioms and expressions. Someone for whom talking isn’t about conveying information but about expressing and defining

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A beginner’s guide to having a good time in Goa

You have 3 days and 3 nights to burn off. What do you do? Go to Goa. You and your friends want to have a good time, a break from the excruciating pace of corporate life? Go to Goa. Reunion? Go to Goa. Romantic get-away? Go to Goa. Goa in India is synonymous with holidays, fun, beaches, gorgeous girls, cheap booze and rejuvenation. But most of us are clueless about how to make the best out of 3 (or

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5 (Sensory) Reasons Why Rail Travel Kicks Air Travel’s Ass

Everyone travels. It is an integral part of life. As a middle-class Indian kid born just in the 90s, I have spent days of my life travelling in trains. At that time, air travel was too expensive. I recently made the switch while in college when the perceived value of time finally overtook the value of money. But since the day I sacrificed a 24 hour train ride in favor of its more advanced cousin, a

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