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Punishment Posting; Life after Death – A Story

A short story on karma & consequent astral chart configuration. Raghuveer Malhotra was a very successful Industrialist. At the mere age of 49 he had built up an entire empire of his own- from scratch! He had just been to an interview with Doordarshan and was driving back home. He loved driving his own car and the one he was driving right now had recently been imported from UK, tailor made for him. He was

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The disastrous palanquin of wishes – Doli Armaano Ki – A review.

Doli Armaano Ki means palanquin of desires/ wishes – disastrous! Samrat, the main protagonist, has the following qualities: He is a wife beater A womanizer A cheater Rude, cruel…basically every possible vice that a man can possess. Do not forget to watch his Mother – very important character in this serial.  She supports all his vices as if they were his virtues! She is basically shown as a jahil-ganwaar (stupid & ignorant – like you

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Where’s the confusion?- A Short Poem

I often hear people say things like – No one knows What is right And What is wrong It’s just a perception Everything is right & everything is wrong It’s a matter of perspective – that’s all. Really?! Let me enumerate the wrongs – Lying, Stealing, Cheating Terrorizing, exploiting, killing Smuggling, raping, murdering… These are a few wrong things Punishable crimes Not only considered a crime From the Unheard, unseen, unknown Almighty Creator But also

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SOS- Hari Sadu – A Short Story

SOS- Hari Sadu – A Short Story on handling sloppy employees. Preeti  had shifted to US with her husband after her marriage. She had been running a Computer Education Institute back in India and did not want to close it down as it was her father’s gift to her. She appointed a Manager and hoped that she will keep alive her father’s dream by keeping alive the institute he had developed with much love, care

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Ignorance is bad but pseudo truth is even worse

Read on for a probable reason……… Look at Shri Krishna from Duruyodhana’s point of view… Who do you see? The greatest villain of the era – the one responsible for destroying not just the Kuru vansh but also all the other kingdoms who supported them blindly – fought for them, all soldiers….several families – those who belonged to the supporters of Kuru vansh! When they were given an opportunity to select the other side –

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Unbridled sex ..but only for the handicapped – mind it – Film Review: MWAS!

Sad film indeed. Helen Keller — ‘I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet’ First lesson learnt – Never ever crib or be depressed for whatever reason – there is so much more pain in this world! Here, in our world, normal or so called able humans are committing suicide because of relationship failures or money matters – and here we see that a girl – born to a well-to-do

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Have you ever really loved God?

If you really LOVE GOD Be like HIS dearest devotee – Shree Hanuman Gods are playful, they give you powers & watch you How exactly are you utilizing those powers Whether to fulfill your frivolous worldly desires Or to tell the world about the glories of the Creator…. Preserve the pure, the good and all that exudes pure love, Being Love. Shree Hanuman was always and only available for Shri Rama’s service All his siddhis

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How can Indians be motivated to do positive & productive work?

Being an Indian, I do confess that we, the people, lack motivation! What do you think is required to increase the progressive enthusiasm and drive among Indians? Some options here (plus you can add on too): Increase money, bonus, monetary incentives, salary. Good, healthy and clean work environment. Both 1 and 2. Include family vacations, club memberships to give that affluent touch. Personal life augmentation – including benefits for family (spouse, parents and children) Include

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Dastaan as Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam!

Discussing about the most talked about Pakistani serial – Dastaan Airing in India on Zindagi under the title Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam Haseen sitam? What is so haseen (beautiful) about this story? How can such a sad and gory story of Bano be renamed as ‘Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam’? These guys never went to school? Never studied Hindi? Honestly, such serials should not be shown anymore and be completely banned. Films like Pinjar, Gadar, 1947 Earth –

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Could Indians Improve on their Packaging Industry? An Insight

Do you think India should invest some good money in the packaging Industry so as to purchase sophisticated packaging machines? I remember I was pretty happy and content with the original toffee wraps – the simple ones; you twist and turn and lo behold! the toffee was in your mouth. Then the struggle began with the hajmola toffee packs in my life ie. – by the time I could open the ‘NEW Improved Pillow pack’ as

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