Ankit Chandra is Technology Management professional working at National Center for Supercomputing Applications, USA. He is passionate about dreaming up new startup ideas to solve everyday problems in India, and one of his most ambitious ideas is to create a startup to tackle the lack of public restrooms in India.
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You Can’t Exist. It Offends ‘Us’ In the news today, among other more immediately critical things, is this news about a paintings exhibition in Bangalore ( What’s the big deal about a paintings exhibition? Isn’t it just about some people only putting their expressions on to some canvas? who has time for that right? To be quite honest, I think it would be a big deal when a painting exhibition was actually not a big deal. Sadly, we are not there

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Indian Software Industry’s Pangs

  If you throw a random stone in bangalore, it will either hit a dog or a software engineer… This is what I was told in 2000 when I began my software engineering. It was a weirdly funny joke, coz I did laugh at it, but I certainly did not like our comparison with dogs. Not only because it is derogatory (similar to the lines of objections on slum’dog’ millionare) but also because engineers are

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Mouth-Watering Quick Baked Fish Recipe

voltaren price canada jersey I have been trying a new baked fish recipe recently, courtesy Anjali. It’s very easy to make and tastes awesome !! As for the name, let’s call it “Fraud Mallu Fish”. So here are the ingredients you need: Fish : We use Salmon fillets Thyme : around 2 tbsp Basil : 2 tbsp Garlic powder Try Maggi Masala powder: half of the packet Olive Oil Balsamic vinegar cooking red wine Steps: 1. Pre heat oven

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Yoga To Fight Greedy Capitalism

By Ankit Chandra I was watching ‘Capitalism A Love Story’ yesterday. Well, call it a totally senseless conclusion, but after watching it, I decided I need to start doing Yoga. And here are the dots connecting the movie to Yoga 🙂 The movie propounded that in a place like the US, people always spoke very vehemently and passionately about Capitalism, Free-markets… A place where enterprises were always easy to open, where competition was fair, and

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911 vs 100: A Realistic Review

Yes. I plan to compare the two numbers. There are many factors to look at, and I will try to sum them up as precisely as possible… Ask any American, or watch enough Hollywood movies and you will see that 911 is something that Americans use very frequently, for things as small as sticking your hand to something very embarrassing (in American Pie) to something much bigger as in Die Hard… But you get the

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An Idea A Day Keeps A Doctor Away

I think I am obsessed with the idea of creating new ideas. Since my undergrad days, when a mere look at a stepper motor interface made me think of the numerous possibilities there were to make something cool with it, I have been fantasizing about the next cool thing I could make with the basic building blocks I have at hand. Only with time, my building blocks evolved and became a mix of technology pieces,

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Nowhere To Go

  I don’t think I know my India any more And that hurts there are things which came into being after I left, and now it takes a while for me to make sense of things… And that hurts It’s like something you owned, and it owned you. something you identified yourself with. now it seems to be moving on, leaving you behind. And that hurts with time, they say, things are forgotten. But I

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