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Ebb And Flow – With The Highs Come The Low

watch Phew! Finally back on the blog… I don’t understand why it happens in spurts but perhaps the innate writer in me is layered and covered in laziness and inertia a tad too soon. But am back with my latest musing. And it is not just slice of life but also something that I have watched and observed with others. As we go along our merry way in this river of life… we go thru many an ebb

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The AAP Factor

From making a solid dent at the national level to winning only one seat its been a gigantic slide in the predicted fortunes of the AAP as far as opinion polls go. How it pans out remains to be seen but I am certain they will surely get a chunk of the vote share especially in Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi.Will that vote share get them seats? That is a tall ask. But what it

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IPL 7 – Who Will You Vote For?

diovan 160 mg bijwerkingen As the action begins in the UAE I have been keeping busy with the general elections and in all this political frenzy I haven’t felt the buzz of the tournament. Plus all the drama with N Srinivasan and the franchisee conflict of interest drama has also taken away some of the enthusiasm. But I am looking at some of the players using this as a make or break. Specially the Golden trio of Indian cricket

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