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Our New Family :)

So after creating a bit of a schedule for people to balance their day jobs and work on our new project , we began our very loopy , exciting ,fairly dramatic, thoroughly energising journey ! For you to understand and truly feel this, I think it is imperative for me to introduce you to our rather quirky, sometimes very random and always hysterical team . Oh and pretty smart too ! I honestly think some

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After our initial enthusiasm of “it would be so cool if someone could give us a few options of where to go for a beer after work with our choice of music” , we landed up going to our usual neighbourhood bar and met a bunch of familiar faces – some of whom had a crew of friends from outa town . We got chatting with them about the usual – and after the general

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So this one is to get you closer into our world. The crazy back end that goes on behind a start up ! the roller coaster ride where there is no one and nothing to motivate you –except your idea , your faith and trust in the people who embark upon this journey with you ! We hope through our story, you gain our one main aim “SHARING HAPPINESS & MOTIVATION SO WE ALL HELP

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