Amiya – Marketer by Profession, Biotechnology Engineer by Education, Writer by Chance and Creative by Heart.</p> <p> He is an avid traveler and loves dramatics. When he is not pretending to work, he is usually sketching random lines on his tablet or watching television shows. He has conceptualized and directed a story based documentary “Needing a New Comrade” jointly produced by SGI and AEC Media (available on YouTube).
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Main Hun Hero Tera – Poetic Cover

This “Poetic Cover” of the song “Main Hun Hero Tera” is a new take on the popular Salman Khan Song.  I understand that the original version is compelling, but I have tried redefining its grandeur in my own way. Suggest you to read this piece while you hear the original song in the background.   Aankhon ke panno pe Maine likha tha sau dafaa Lafzon mein jo ishq tha Hua naa hothon se bayaan Khud

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Shouldn’t BBC be banned for defying Supreme Court and GoI?

BAN BBC: Leveraging Nirbhaya’s horrific crime for commercial benefits or Freedom of Speech Snapshots of the leaked Interview Video: Convicted Rapist Comments: A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. A decent Women should not dare to come out after 9 pm. Housework and housekeeping is for girls, not roaming in discos and bars, at night doing wrong things, wearing wrong clothes. After my conviction, rapists will be prompted to kill victim and

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Meeting life

Some relationships develop over an extended period of time. Some in a matter of few minutes.  All love stories are distinctive and special in their own way. There are no rules how love will enter your life. Sometimes you just meet a person and instantly know that she is the one for you. If that is so, go right ahead.   These lines describe the feelings of a guy who has met his special someone

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A Nation Reborn – Pride and Hope

This Independence Day, the youth of our country is talking about how a northern state individual is not happy with the freedom of its state, how a north eastern state is facing negligence and how the condition of women safety is deteriorating; but nobody is talking about the good things that this country has given us. Living a very comfortable life, we have forgotten that this life doesn’t come to us for free. There were

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Broken heart of the Bird

Broken heart of the Bird (He) It hurts so much to see Reading this, I know you will agree Story about the fate of true love Priceless tale of the Bird and her lady Dove They were not just friends, even more You don’t know how much of her, Bird really adore 24×7 lady Dove twinkled in his head He use to reread every text she send She use to change his world with a

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