A science student who went on to study Shakespeare, a software developer who studied advertising, a life long love story with communication and its strategic arts. Free spirit on my most thrilling journey yet - Entrepreneurship. Outdoorsy by nature and a workaholic by choice, the week sees me working, weekends see me spending time with my family and whipping out my ride, Bikes are a passion I currently ride a Suzuki GSX–R1000 & Harley Davidson Road King, bi annual holidays take me diving, swimming, kayaking (anywhere with sea, surf, sand and sun) preferably in that order.
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I’m a patriot and I have seen the Future

order accutane online uk I’m a patriot to the core, I love this country with all its greatness, beauty and its shadows. I am proud to be born Indian and would not change that, no matter what the choices are in any life this or the next. I’m a patriot. My heart swells up and I stand taller every time I see the tricolor. I have seen it fly high and wrapped around the patriots I am indebted to.

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An open letter to a young professional

Dear Mr Z, I prefer not to name you, not because of any courtesy but simply because I can’t recall your name. There have been more than a few of you walking through the hall ways over the years looking quite important but frankly nothing inspired me to remember your name. There have been an increasing number of you over the years, fresh out of college thinking you were the topper of the smart batch wanting success to be

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