A man of few words, Akshay likes to write to express himself. A PGDBM student at XLRI and an electrical engineer from NIT Bhopal; he's not one of those with a lantern to find enlightenment in this world. He has been published in all leading papers including The Hindu, The Times of India and online writing platforms like sportskeeda.com, fakingnews etc. He blogs at: http://akshay-tiwari.blogspot.in/
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How to Boo Inflation

buy provigil paypal Inflation, like infection catches you before you know it and spreads like conflagration before you can respond; not that the methods I suggest here would make you an overnight fortune or something. It would rather save you from getting bankrupt overnight (which I feel is more important in today’s scenario). Importantly don’t miss any point (baad mein road pe aane pe mat bolna 😀 ): 1.’ Petrol = priceless, for everything else there’s Master Card.’

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