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Are You Happy? Its An Important Question


I belong to a small city and when I was a kid I used to think the world outside of my tiny town must be very happy. I always dreamt of going to a big city and live a happy life.

Now this happiness is a vague and confusing word. How do you know if you are happy? I have met quiet a few folks and believe me: more than 90% people are not happy of what they are doing. Life isn’t about working, earning and eating, it is much more than that but in our daily busy schedule, we don’t get enough time to breathe freely.

Coming back to the question, what is happiness and why being happy is important. I mean, come on, if you are earning good money, if you are able to live a luxurious life and able to take care of your family, what else you need? Why running behind happiness without knowing what it is actually?

Thanks to my dear friend & mentor Rajesh Rana, I do understand the first step towards happiness.

There are 5 aspects of happiness, which are:

I think we are mature enough to understand what all those things are (other than X, which I shall discuss later). The conflict arises when you need to choose and need to give up any one for others; I mean what will you do if you are asked to choose between health and wealth? Let me make it a little more complicated, which two you will choose among health, wealth and relationship?

Tricky one, I know but actually there are no direct choices but it’s all about the right balance. I mean you cannot give upon health for wealth but you don’t want to be a healthy beggar as well, right?

So it’s all about the right choice, I feel health, wealth, relationship and spirituality should be mixed at the right proportion. Few examples are

Health – wake up early in the morning and do some exercise or go for a jog. Eat healthy for the entire day and avoid junk food.

Wealth – Take right business decisions and organize your work well. Do not compromise your sleeping hours or exercise hours or family times with work. No matter how important it is always remember that there is no end of work (I know many will not agree with this but you need to set your rules, right?).

Relationship – After coming back home behave like a family man. Spend some time with your kids, wife, and parents. Go somewhere on weekends with your family. Don’t take office calls, which can be deferred for the next day. Don’t miss your wedding anniversary party, your son’s birthday party, as these things will make your relationship stronger. One more important thing is prioritizing people too. It’s not necessary that you will keep all your relatives happy. If your family is happy, you should be happy too since they are the people you care about and vice versa.

Spirituality – Give some time to your self as well. This is important to understand the self-limitation and connection with the bigger self. You need to have clarity about the objective of your life and how you are connected to the universe.

X – This is a bit tricky. After doing all these things too something’s you might think you are running out of energy, you wake up in the morning and don’t want to go to office. You don’t feel like looking at the computer screen. Here comes the X.  Ask 3 questions.

Question 1 – Do you want to be seen at the top of the mountain you are climbing now? I mean do you want to be a leader of what you are doing now or you are doing it just for the sake of doing or just because you don’t know what to do.

Question 2 – Do you feel like doing your work when you get up in the morning, does it excite you each day?

Question 3 – Do you dream of doing something else and are not doing that just because you are afraid of failure?

Think about it, answer to yourself, sometimes all you need is a change and a fresh start and remember, it’s never late to chase your dreams.


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