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Are we really in a position to challenge the creator (GOD)?


Often I hear mind blowing arguments where people actually talk about God as if he was some peon waiting 24/7 to be at our back and call – and if he fails to appear immediately upon being called – we keep the power and authority to sack the peon!! Sometimes I wonder whether to pity such people or just plain ignore the poor ignorant!

Anyways, I have given an address in the attached collage. Do get some idea about the subtle system that exists in all of us and can actually give us divine experience. (

Also do read this article –

Why an article on sex? Because it seems majority of people born on planet earth feel that they have taken birth to somehow reach puberty and proliferate happily ever after! The reason why the sex and entertainment industry is splurging money like nobody’s business whereas in the same world we have people dying of hunger! VIEW IMAGE

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