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An Open Letter To Mamata Banerjee


Nomoskar Didi,

Hope you are in good health and mind. I know you can get me arrested by your so called “honest unbiased police force” for this letter. But I feel its good to stay in jail, safe and sound, rather than staying free and get attacked by followers of people like Tapas Paul.

Didi, do you know common people of your state? Do you know what do they want? Do you know what do they expect from you?

Today when a girl goes out of her home, her mother feels worried for her, instructs her to come back before dusk. She gets raped everyday by the boys of her neighborhood, yes, not physically but by the eyes and who knows, one day she might get raped physically too. I mean come on, it’s not something unique in West Bengal. Didi, do you know West Bengal ranks third in crime against women?

Didi, will it be justified to rape the girl whose father supports your opposition party? Would you let the boy who raped go scot free saying, “what would I do, do you want me to kill him?”

Didi, what would Tapas babu do if someday her wife joins opposition? Will her daughter be considered as supporter of CPI (M) or TMC?

I have some clear questions for you didi and I am sure you will enlighten me through wise words

1. Dev, who said Election is like Rape, you either enjoy or scream, why you did not cancel his ticket? I am fully aware that he has won but you know how it works.

2. What did you mean when you said rapes happen because men and women interact freely?

3. How could you take no action against Tapas Paul who made so many vulgar comments at so many places, why?

Didi, should we stop calling you didi? The people of West Bengal always considered you as a person who has a simplified life and understands the emotion of people(even a year ago), though you joined the political party at the age of 15, though you fought for long 30 years, we never expected you to become a typical politician didi. And after all this, this is what happens.

Didi, the people of West bengal are now scared and are seeing uncertainty. They feel unsafe going out with their wives and daughters. The act that Tapas Paul did was an open invitation, an open invitation to rape girls, to beat the hell out of opposition, to kill all members of CPI(M).

How do you expect the criminal rate in West Bengal go down with such people in responsible position? The people of West Bengal want you to take some concrete, meaningful steps against such people. Why don’t you go out someday and randomly ask ten people what they want, why can’t you take public opinion to know what do they actually want?

My apology for being a loud mouth didi but everytime I see the videos of Tapas Paul, I feel angry, tensed, scared because I have a lot of sisters in West Bengal too.


Mukut Chakraborty

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