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An Open Letter to all Salman Khan Fans


here Dear Salman Khan Fans,

Since we all know what has happened to our favourite actor Mr. Salman Khan, there’s no need for anyone to explain. He’s done a lot of work for several people and his acting is something no one can comment on.

All of us make mistakes. After all, we are only humans! Intentionally or unintentionally, at least once in our life, we hurt others. Sometimes, we do certain things that leave a permanent scar on our memories. The same has happened to Salman Sir. He made a mistake, like a normal individual does. But have we tried thinking beyond this?

I am no one to judge our respected Indian judiciary system but after all that has happened, a lot of us are enraged. The courts are ignoring the FACTS of the case. The fact that Ravindra Patil, who filed the case, died and Kamaal Khan, who was another prime witness, has disappeared, only adds suspicion in my mind. Why were people continuously changing their statements? Where is Kamaal Khan? Why haven’t the courts made Kamaal Khan’s presence COMPULSORY for the case since he was the prime witness?

The trial went on for 13 long years,  but it took less than 3 hours to get the bail! Isn’t this shaking our faith on our system? There are more than a thousand cases (Or maybe more) where the innocent people are suffering and dying inside the prison cell just because they couldn’t afford a bail. If the same mistake was made by a commoner, do you think the case would have been dealt with in the same way? Why are we blaming those poor men who slept on the road because they didn’t have a comfy bed like we do?

Well, it’s true then that the poor can’t sleep on the road and the rich can’t sleep in the jail!
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Best Regards

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