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An old lady and two Policewomen- And this happened!



Yesterday morning, I was taking my usual stroll to office. I live near that long stretch that is a gateway towards connecting and separating people a.k.a AIRPORT ROAD. Positive being I pay a lesser exorbitant amount to reach the airport as compared to the rest of the city. The negative being occasional traffic blocks to ensure the VIPs of our country have a clear path to reach their destination at our expense.

(Dilli , I sincerely hope you re going to have less of this, courtesy AAP)

As the road was cleared for the VIP car to pass, I saw an elderly woman trying to cross the road. Well, there was a tunnel a few hundred metres away from her location and the police were directing the other pedestrians to use that. This lady would clearly take a lot of time and energy to reach there . As the police kept directing the other passengers, two women officers held the lady from both sides and carefully walked her across the road and took her to the footpath. The lady folded her hands in respect and these two officers smiled at her and helped their way back to the other end.
It is a simple gesture but I found it worth recognising. And of course, in a world where the jihadis go on their religious jingoism route and Sabhas forcefully add people to their belief, it is these things that make me believe that HUMANITY still exists!

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