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Amazing tourist attractions of Jaipur visible from my house


I have been living in Amer, Jaipur since 2010 and not many know that 60% of popular tourist destinations in Jaipur are in Amer. Amer use to be a separate city from Jaipur and even had a separate king. But the Indian government after independence included Amer as a part of pink city Jaipur.

Well so much with history lessons and lets get to some real stuff. So I am at Amer and from here I can see:-

1. Amber fort

Amber fort is massive, I mean that a whole army of 100,000 soliders can stay here quite easily and there are so many hidden doors, small palaces etc. The destination is now a popular tourist attraction plus a favorite destination for the Mumbai film industry.

Amber fort was built to protect the City Palace which is inside the city and is the palace of Jaipur Maharaja (even today). There is a small entry fee of INR 250 per person and I would suggest you to either visit this fort early morning or after 4:00 pm, because during the day the heat can be unbearable.

2. Jal Mahal

Well not many know that there are only 2 palaces which stand between a river. One is Taj Laka Palace in Udaipur and 2nd one is Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal is amazing. I mean just google the term “Jal Mahal Jaipur” and you will get amazing pics taken by tourists.

In 2001 this palace was on its edge of destruction, but thanks to the local government who restored the beauty of this amazing palace. Sooner they will start a 5 star resort over here to meet the expenses of restoration. To view the beauty of this palace just have a look at this video…

3. Jaigarh fort

Now this is a warrior fort and if you have seen the film Rang de Basanti, chances are you have already seen this one. Built to protect the Jaipur royalty, Jaigarh fort is a fine example of how one should build a unbeatable durg (hindi for fort)

Now Jaigarh isn’t a fancy place like city palace or Amber fort but its rated as the top 5 destinations in Jaipur and again I will suggest to either move early morning or after 4 as forts get really hot during noon.

And with this my list of Amazing tourist attractions of Jaipur which are visible from my house is finished. If you want to know more or want the connect then you can reach me at mt G+ A/C.

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