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Ahoy Nimbu-Colada Pops!!!


Eons just slipped by since I wrote something here. And I missed it dearly..

It is one time that is destined for me; the romance of sitting with a hot cuppa, penning down the exploits of my findings in the kitchen. But the busy me, just had no time to do so… Hoping against hope that it is the last time I go on such a long hiatus! Thanks a ton for the continued support, couldn’t have done without this encouragement…

Now to the delish Nimbu-colada pops!!! Yes, I am aware that the summer has passed. But another rather hot season is right around the corner. And I just want to imagine myself, sitting prettily in a new silk saree, amidst a hot smoky Durga Puja Pandal, dreaming about having these…

I gave the classic pinna-colada cocktail a much needed Indian twist by substituting pineapple juice with homemade ‘nimbu-paani (hence the name!!! @#%$@)’ Not only did this save me the hassle of juicing this difficult fruit, but also kept me away from its synthetic/canned versions. This refresher is a perfect appetizer to be served to guests who walk in for a lazy Sunday brunch.

Now to the simple recipe:

buy Lyrica india Ingredients:

  • 200ml Fresh Nimbu Paani
  • 80 ml Coconut cream
  • 80ml Malibu Rum
  • ½ fresh Lemon zested and squeezed

enter site Method:

Whisk all the ingredients together, adding the alcohol the last.

Pour into moulds and freeze overnight.

Unmould carefully, without letting them wait around for too long. The alcohol content will make the pops melt quite fast. Enjoy these with some crispy masala nuts on the side!!



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